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We review the top email marketing programs and software available for sending email newsletters.

CheetahMail by Experian

CheetahMail by Experian

- Serves huge brands like Adidas, Audi, Bacardi and Starbucks
- Advanced email reporting and tracking
- Customer analysis
- Full-service and Self-service options available
- 24-hour web-based tech support
- Handles order and shipping confirmations
- Ability to schedule future newsletters / emails
- Trusted by all major ISPs for enhanced deliverability
- Change of address management
- Real-time tips on how to increase deliverability rates
- Database allows merging of offline and online data
- Ability to export your email list at any time
- ReMarketing messages to certain types of subscribers

Avg. Price: Expensive - Contact them for custom quotes and a demo

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Constant Contact
The Editor Pick Editor's Pick

Constant Contact

- 60-Day free trial with no strings attached
- No credit card info required for trial
- Keep your list, even after trial period
- Affordable pricing
- Email analytics and reporting
- Free email template library
- Create and schedule emails to be sent in the future
- Archive your emails
- List segmentation
- 20mb free image hosting
- Free coaching and support
- Over 97% email deliverability rates

Avg. Price: $15 per month up to 500 subscribers - $30 for more

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Lyris Email Software

Lyris Email Software

- Serves large brands like McAfee, American Apparel, and the Smithsonian
- Free Trial of ListManager Software
- Easily integrates with ClickTracks analytics software
- EmailAdviser allows you to preview your email as it looks in major applications like Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook
- Email analytics and reporting
- Landing page optimization
- List segmentation
- Deliverability estimation monitor with tips for improving deliverability
- Calendar for scheduling future emails

Avg. Price: Expensive - Contact for a custom quote and demo

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VerticalResponse Program

VerticalResponse Program

- First 25 emails free
- Free email templates
- List segmentation
- Email tracking and analytics
- 25mb free image hosting
- Create and set emails for future delivery
Price: Starts at $.15 cents per email address per email

Avg. Price: Starts at $.15 cents per email address per email

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iContact Email Software

iContact Email Software

- Over 98% email deliverability rates
- 15-day free trial
- Track campaign success and key metrics
- Over 300 free newsletter templates
- Affordable pricing
- Easily add surveys, RSS feeds and auto-responders
- Spamcheck each email for tips to increase deliverability
- Export list at any time
- Bounceback handling
- 50mb free image hosting
- Archive emails

Avg. Price: Starts at $9.95 per month, but gets higher with more subscribers

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- Free 30-day trial
- Campaign statistics and tracking
- Business hours chat and phone support
- Ability to add surveys and auto responders
- List segmentation
- RSS feeds
- Bounce management

Avg. Price: $10 month for 250 addresses. $18 month for 1,500. Up from there.

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Bronto Email Marketing

Bronto Email Marketing

- 99% deliverability rates
- 30-day free trial
- Import / export list at any time
- List segmentation
- Automatic duplicate email removal
- Campaign tracking and analytics
- Free email templates library

Avg. Price: Sign up for trial or call for quote

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What research says

Lyris and Cheetah are the two enterprise-level solutions. These are email marketing products that should be used by corporations and other large businesses. They are expensive. Lyris offers a free trial, but Cheetah Mail only offers a demo, which is basically a high-pressure pitch from a salesperson.

Constant Contact, Vertical Response, iContact, Bronto, and My Newsletter Builder by the JBA Network all offer free-trials and are good for the small to medium sized business. Most of them have very similar features (exportable lists, email templates, email wizards, multiple opt-in options, etc.) but they offer completely different pricing options.

Constant Contact got the Editor's pick on this one because it had pretty much the same options as our second pick, Bronto and our third pick iContact, but CC happens to have the best free trial in the business. We've actually had accounts open with them for about a year that we haven't paid a dime for yet because the list hasn't reached the threshold. They say it's 60-days, but your rep will work with you if you don't have at least 100 subscribers.

In the end, here is our advice: If you're a small or medium sized business go with Constant Contact or Bronto. If you're a large business with a decent email marketing budget, go with CheetahMail.

Average Rating

Email Marketing Solution Reviews
Average Rating: 3.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings.

Tony Snyder said:

I used Bronto for awhile and didn't like it. I never could get used to it, and thought the customer service sucked. And I don't believe that 99% deliverability B.S. for a minute. We ended up switching to Constant Contact and I couldn't be happier. But if I ever need to try another email marketing solution, I'll be sure to check out iContact.

Bill Khoeler said:

We use Cheeta now and I've used Lyris in the past. Both times have been for fortune 500 companies and both solutions were satisfactory. However, the decision wasn't based on features or pricing, but rather which ones had made deals with our ecommerce and analytics providers. That's politics, I guess. If I had a business that did less than 5-million in sales per year, I'd definitely check out iContact or Constant Contact as an email newsletter provider, but once you send out so many emails to lists of hundreds of thousands of subscribers, it ends up being just as cheap to go with a company like Lyris.

Bill Johnson said:

I just switched from iContact. Simply terrible. The support people were rude and the product wasn't very reliable. Should have known. You get what you pay for.

Maria Rogoda said:

I work at a small web design agency and been using Bronto for about a year. They're good. The support people know email marketing and are genuinely helpful. I like Constant Contact too. We use them for our smaller customers that need a very simple solution to send out an email newsletter every once in a while.

Samantha Newman said:

Used to use iContact ... garbage. Stay away. Constant Contact better and about same price. Worked well when i was helping some friends' nonprofits. For my day job i tried emma and bronto ... both very good.

PJK said:

This was really helpful to have a quick comparison of features, costs and a rating. Three of the services I am considering were in your review. Thanks

Samantha Barr said:

Constant Contact was the first one I used, which was decent. I tried Distant Measures recently and was surprised, lot's of features and really good cost.

disco said:

whatever... MNB is the best one on here hands down. problem is i think sometimes it's too robust and scares people away. audio/video teplates, subscriber mgmt and targeted list segmenting based on reports, wysiwyg editor, the works. AND they generally cost less than these other services. said:

You should also consider our email marketing application, eConnect Email ( We have recently starting offering a free forever account (store an unlimited number of contacts and send up to 150 emails monthly).

Mike Miller said:

Instead of the product you are recommending I would recomment Omnistar Mailer

Scott Long said:

I think Omnistar Mailer is a great tool for helping with email marketing

Mike Austin said:

Both Interspire's Email Marketer and Omnistar Mail softwares aren't shown. I'm testing Interspire and their support's slow although the software *seems* O.K. I'll be talking to Omnistar about theirs.

Jessica Miller said:

I like the auto responder function of Omnistar Mailer

rox said:

I have been using My News Letter but it seems the site is always down. Does anyone else have that issue. It's so frustrating after have have spent 3 hours on a News Letter then, all is gone.....

Jennifer said:

I just had the absolute worst experience ever with VistaPrint. There was a problem with the facebook and twitter buttons and therefore the emailer could not be sent. Everyday they told me they were working on it, but they were never able to fix the problem. After over a week of waiting I had to cancel my account.

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