40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Heater Reviews

This comparison will review three affordable 40-gallon natural gas hot water heaters in the $300 - $399 range, including Bradford White, Kenmore and Whirlpool brands. There are many other great brands out there, including American Water Heaters and GE. However, not all of them offer 40g tanks that can be purchased for under $400.

Bradford White 40-Gallon
The Editor Pick Editor's Pick

Bradford White 40-Gallon

Bradford White 40g MI-40T6FBN Gas Hot Water Heater Features:
- 6 Year Warranty
- First Hour Rate (FHR) 92
- ScreenLok Flame Arrestor
- Resettable thermal switch
- Piezo ingiter
- Maintenance free
- Sight window
- Fully automatic controls
- Vitraglas lining
- Protective magnesium anode rod
- Snap-Lock draft diverter
- T&P relief valve
- Brass drain valve
- Non-CFC foam insulation

Avg. Price: $398

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Kenmore Power Miser Tank

Kenmore Power Miser Tank

Kenmore Power Miser 9, 40 gal. Gas Water Heater Features:
- Hourly BTU Input: 40,000
- FHR 71 gallons
- Weight: 135 lbs
- Warranty: Limited 9 years
- R-Value: 8

Avg. Price: $330

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Whirlpool 40g Gas Water Heater

Whirlpool 40g Gas Water Heater

Whirlpool 40 Gallon Flame Lock Natural Gas Water Heater Features:
- Hourly BTU Input: 40,000
- FHR: 81
- Warranty: 6 Years
- 1 Inch Foam Insulation
- Energy Factor: 0.59
- R-Value: 9
- Low NOx Safety Features
- Self cleaning
- Piezo electric igniter

Avg. Price: $335

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Reliance LP 40 Gallon Gas Wate

Reliance LP 40 Gallon Gas Wate

- Hourly BTU Input: 30,000
- Warranty: 6 Years
- 1 Inch Foam Insulation
- Energy Factor: 0.59
- R-Value: 8
- Outputs 30 gallons per hour
- One-inch foam insulation

Avg. Price: $360

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What research says

Bradford White: There is no need to ever drain or flush these 40-gallon gas water heaters. There is a link below where you can get more information on the technology behind it, but Bradford White provides patented technology in their Defender Safety System series that drastically reduces carbon monoxide emissions and the chance of fire. This is a very important safety feature in any water heater. The online reviews for Bradford White are overwhelmingly positive. One popular consumer research website polled 300 contractors, which resulted in this brand being voted "Best Water Heater". However, there is a catch - You can't buy a Bradford White water heater at Lowes or Home Depot; they can only be purchased through licensed contractors, which is probably a big reason for their devotion to the brand.

Kenmore: A very affordable water heater from a trusted brand, the Kenmore Power Miser also has an important safety feature (CSA-certified energy cut-off). The First Hour Rating (FHR) is one of the most important features you should consider when buying a hot water heater, and the Kenmore scored the worst in this department among these three brands. The warranty is longer than the Bradford White units, but is limited. On paper, the Kenmore may seem like a great water heater for the money, but we read many reviews and customer complaints on several websites, and found that - overall - these consumers were not satisfied with the water heater. For instance, one customer says "I purchased the Power Miser 9 40 gal. unit to replace a PowerMizer 8 40 gal. unit that lasted 12 years without any issues. On the first day, I found the water went cold because the pilot light went out. I relit and water heated up. Later that day water was cold again, found same issue - pilot out. This cycle continued until I had a service person come out... I would recommend sticking with the open ignition area type if the unit if it is to be in a small confined space." Another consumer complained that his water would not be hot enough unless the thermostat was turned up all the way.

Whirlpool: The 40-Gallon Flame Lock natural gas water heater from Whirlpool would be a steal at this price if it weren't for all of the complaints and the class action lawsuit. It (was) a trusted brand. Many people look at only the R-value to gauge energy efficiency. While the Whirlpool Flame Lock 40g hot water heater has a competitive R-Value for this price range, the real value comes from the First Hour Rate, which indicates that this unit heats up ten more gallons of water in the same time frame than the Kenmore. We would have given this brand the Editor's choice (if we didn't know any better) because they are much easier to buy than the Bradford Whites, and are very energy efficient and well-priced. However, the thermocouple complaints have us a little concerned. All-in-all, we would not say that the consumer reviews for the Whirlpool hot water heaters were very possitive. You should probably stay away from any company involved in a lawsuit over its product.

The Reliance 6-40-HORT4 sold at Ace Hardware looks like a decent hot water heater for the price, but the quality and features don't stand up next to some of the others in this comparison. The only user review we could find on the Ace Hardware site was one start out of five, and we quote: "I have had a terrible time with this product. It will not stay lit and even though it is under warranty, the company has not helped. I have had two plumbers tell me they cannot see any reason why it will not work..."

Bottom Line:
At this price range you can't expect a top-of-the-line water heater. If you are going to go with a contractor to install it, ask about the Bradford White line. We would say consider the Whirlpool Flame Lock gas water heaters, but there was recently a major lawsuit against them because the thermocouples are allegedly prone to premature activation.

Average Rating

40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Heater Reviews
Average Rating: 2.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.

John said:

We purchased our Whirlpool Flame Lock hot water heater on July 16, 2007 and had it professionally installed. We lost hot water on January 6, 2008. When I went to find out why we did not have hot water, I found the pilot light was out. I also found the water heater unit was leaking from the bottom of the unit, so it was not a plumbing issue. Whirlpool and Lowes took care of the return quickly and easily, but now that it is installed, the replacement unit pilot light will not light. I can see the igniter spark through the window and the gas is on, but no dice. Now that I see all of the on-line complaints about this model of water heater, it doesn't look good.

JD in Phx said:

Thanks - some very useful information. I had installation quotes on the Bradford White (private contractor), a Whirlpool (Lowes), and a G.E. (Home Depot). I originally eliminated the B-W because it was higher than the other two quotes. Now I can see why - it seems like a much better heater. For about $60 more, it looks like I'll be getting a better product, and supporting a mom 'n pop plumbing business instead of a huge corporation, too.

Dirk in Kzoo said:

I purchased a Whirlpool 40 gal LP gas flamelock water- heater from Lowes and installed it myself. No problems at any time, and 5 months later it operates perfectly--steady temperature and very fast recovery. A good value.

Tammy henderson said:

we have a reliance hot water tank bought at mathison
hardware in garden city. it is 14 years old and still
going. haven't had any trouble . it was a great unit.

Cheryl Wood said:

Don't buy Whirlpool!!!!!! They fail after about 1-2 years old and the fix does not work!!!!

kms250 said:

The Bradford White unit listed on this page is everything you said it would be, it's a fine water heater! It heated the water in a very short period of time and has excellent output and performance! Thank you!

Gary said:

I have discoveered that the whirlpool 40 gallon gas tall water heater has a 27 inch closed end dip tube. At first I knew that it was a limited production mistake. After talking to the engineering dept. at American water co. I learned it is not a mistake. After many customer complaints aboout a serious lack of hot water the dip tube issue was discovered, but not resolved. other manufactures have dip tubes of similar length, but are open ended. since the tube is so short, and closed ended the cold water comming into the water heater enters about mid level. This configuration makes the lower half of the hot water in the tank less useful. upon further investigation I found that the tall 40 gallon water heater marketed under the American brand has a 34 inch dip tube. Dont be fooled by the gama first hour rating for the whirlpool 40 gallon gas water heater. the rating may not be based on real life performance, especially when trying to fill a normal bath tub. With the water heater set a 130 degrees I have only been able to fill the tub half way. After installing a 34 ionch open ended dip tube for experimental purposes, I could fill the tub. Sadly it is not permitted by the manufacturer to use any dip tube other than the specified 27 inch closed end tube. The reason given has to do with a higer potential for temperature stacking. This does not explain why the American model can use a 34 inch dip tube. Please note that even with the 34 inch tube, there is still a lack of performance because it is closed end. with a closed end the incomming cold water is not directed toward the bottom which would help the hot water in the bottom of the tank to rise to the hot water outlet. It was not until I discovered the problem with the dip tubes in American/Whirlpool water heaters that I appreciated the hydrojet design in the Bradford White. it provides excellent performance and safety

Darron said:

I recently had a BW replacement water heater go (leaking around the bottom purge valve) on me. Because it was past the 6 year warranty on the original one - that was already replaced - they would not honor any sort of warranty or make any concessions - although two of their products leaked under typical residential use, each within their 6 year warranty time. I will not purchase another.

Craig said:

I installed a State water heater thirty years ago and it has never given me problems, nor have I ever flushed it out. I am replacing it this week only because of its age and to get one more energy efficient. The plumber I'm using deals with Bradford White so I'm hoping this will be the last water heater I will buy, since I am on the verge of turning sixty.

Dan said:

After my previous water heater failed after 31 years, I installed an A. O. Smith Promax gas water heater. After just 19 days, the pilot light started going out on the Promax. For the next seven months, the pilot continued to fail and I had to relight it. The pilot failed sometimes every few days, sometimes every day or sometimes four times a day. Eventually, every time we needed hot water, I had to relight the pilot. The plumber returned five separate times to try and fix it. No luck. An A. O. Smith Authorized Technician came and worked on it. He also failed to fix it. I installed a camera at the heater viewing window, and videotaped the pilot failing to try and help find the problem. No one bothered to look at the tapes. Over seven months, I had to relight the pilot 63 times, at 10-15 minutes per relight. Not an easy job for an old man at all hours of the day and night in a cold and dark cellar. A. O. Smith, of course, blames me for the Promax failure. They say my cellar is too humid for its flame arrestor. What the precise humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, noise level, etc. should be for this thing to work, they won’t say. I discovered (too late) from several plumbing websites that the real problem with the Promax is its Corderite ceramic disc flame arrestor. All incoming air for the heater must pass through this ceramic disc. The problem is, this disc is about the size of a saucer, and lets in little air. In addition, the openings in the disc itself are small and clog easily. The solution, A. O. Smith says, is to clean (vacuum) this disc top and bottom regularly. To do this the burner must be removed, not a job the average customer can or would want to do. Calling a plumber ‘regularly’ (every three months? every month?) is expensive and irritating, considering that your old heater may have lasted for decades without any attention at all. A. O. Smith will not give me a refund. I am out almost $1,000 for this measly 30 gallon heater. After seven months, I replaced the Promax with a Bradford-White heater. The Bradford-White has a stainless steel flame arrestor, the full diameter of the heater, so it lets in plenty of air with no clogging. Especially if you have a dirt cellar floor as I do, perhaps you can save yourself the trouble and expense I had. Stay away from A. O. Smith, buy a Bradford-White.

Luis Gomez said:

I have a small 5 unit apartment building. I had Bradford White 40 gal install on 11/05. One stopped working after 1 year(the old one lasted over 10 years). Since it was an apartment building BW did nothing. I bought a replacement from Homedepot. No problems. Now the second unit has stopped. BW is a crap company making crap water heater. Do not buy any Bradford White water heaters. And the plumber was no help. Basically he told me he was to busy with real accounts to fix the water heater. Never called him again.

April said:

I bought a Reliance LP 40 gallon last year, and I am having trouble with the pilot light staying lit also. I had a technician come out, and they found nothing wrong with it. Every couple of months, I battle with this thing. I constantly relight until it finally takes and stays running like it should. Don't buy it! You get what you pay for.

Peter said:

I am using Bradford White's MITW water heaters. The first one leaked on my around pressure valve within 4 years of purchase, at 2004, 4 people family usage. They replaced it, and now the second one leaked me again one week to 4 years, the same place, pressure valve. I doubt Bradford White will replace it for free, because this is a replacement for the original. But I will try after holiday. I hope it's not the quality issue, but my bad luck. But I am surely will not buy another Bradford White no matter what other people say.

Polly said:

I am about to replace a 20-year-old 40-gallon Rheem (rated to 5 years!) with another Rheem/GE from Home Depot. Never drained the tank or had any maintenance performed on the old one in 15 years living here. Pilot light never went out. Great water heater!

ronnie said:

I have to disagree with the bradford. I had one installed when we had our home built 5 years ago and we have had nothing but trouble. If the wind blows the pilot goes out. Yes, the contractor has been out several times and now they claim the warranty is up(typical). I say stay away from bradford.

Jim said:

Rheem is the best water heater you can buy for your money, but stay away from GE water heaters from Home Depot. They are made buy Rheem, but they are made cheaper and don't last as long. Getting any warranty work done through GE/Home Depot is a nightmare. Go with the Rheem Fury not the Pro. Stay away from the tankless, way too many problems , and too much $$$$$.

Ernie said:

if you are considering the Whirlpool Gas water heater, my suggestion is Run Don't Walk Away. I've had to repair mine 4 (four) times in the last4(four)months, with the last repair only lasting 1 (one) week.
Don't have any history on BW or GE, but my take is If It's Whirlpool It's Got To Be Trash.
I'm throwing my approximately 2 year old Whirlpool in the trash, where it belongs.

Ian said:

Kenmore Power Miser 6 is a hunk of junk.
Check out all the complaints on-line. There is a pilot light issue, and the customer service at Sears is useless.

CR said:

Thanks to all who have in put their reviews on gas hot water heaters. It was very use full information. I will not buy Bradford White, Whirlpool, I like GE which is working since 21 years, without any problem

BB in KC said:

Have the original builder grade Bradford-White and only drained once in twelve years and no problems, no leaks, no pilot light going out. 50 gal unit. Solid performance.

Elliot said:

I work for a fairly large plumbing contractor in New York. We have dealt with all brands for repairs but we carry and install AO Smith and State water heaters. There was a MAJOR problem with the gas valves on the GCVA model heaters. The replacement valve is covered under warranty by the manufacturer including labor but it has been a major inconvenience to our customers. Outside of the gas valve problem the only other issue is keeping the flame arrestor plate clean to allow proper air intake for combustion. I would definitely put a State heater in my own home without a question.

As for the Home Depot's American Craftsman heaters, we get a large number of repair calls for these. The thermocouples in particular are a major issue and they are not standard. They have a reverse thread and you need a factory part (which, as absurd as it seems, the stores do not carry in stock). Although in most cases the manufacturer is willing to send the part, it leaves people without hot water until the part finally arrives from shipping.

As for Bradford White, they produce decent tanks but the company's customer service is awful. As far as I am concerned if you are thinking of what heater to install you need to consider the warranty as well as the availability of repair parts. In my area, State and AO Smith parts are largely stocked and easily found.

Also, consider tankless. BY FAR the best is Navien. PVC venting helps heep the cost very low and is very versatile for install options as compared to the stainless steel b-vent that is $140 per 3 foot section.

Ronni said:

I have had a Bradford White hot water heater for 15 years now and still going strong. After reading these reviews, I know what I am buying...another Bradford White!

gene in mt said:

i installed a reliance 606 water heater.everything was fine for a few months.when the pilot wouldn't stay lit i called the company(i thought the thermocoupler was bad)to find out where to get a thermocoupler.they told me to clean the ceramic disc in the bottom of the heater.i used compressed air and a vaccume and then it would stay lit.the problem is that i have this problem every few months.it always seems to be when you need hot water it's not there and you have to wait for it.if i would have known about the disc i would never have purchased it.i have heard of some people drilling larger holes in the disc,but don't have the option to find a drill bit for ceramic.the price was locally competitive and tried to buy locally,but should have gone out of town and bought a better unit.i give it a thumbs down.

Dee in Houston said:

I am now replacing a 30 year old (no kidding it says it was made in 1978 on the label) Kenmore Powermiser 2 that has finally rusted out and is leaking, but otherwise still works great. No pilot out problems. I am being offered a Rheem Fury with the new FVIR feature on it, as a replacement through American Homeshield Warranty Service. I wonder after hearing all these pilot out problems if it is the new FVIR feature on the water heaters that are causing them to be so sensitive.

GREG said:

I have a whirpool water heat, or say i had one, I have nothing but problems and whirpool will not replace it, they want to keep changing the same part, i got more money in this one if i would had bought a new one, when you call them, their name is Bob, Bill, Jill but you can't understand them, I my rating is junk..... I bought it at Lowe's they would not help me at all, so I don't think they much care about the customer either.

hubert said:

We had a 3 years old wirlpool 40 gallon gas heater. Last week, there was no hot water suddenly. I called the wirlpool service center,an impolite lady said I was out of warranty because I was not the original owner. She gave me a local phone number so I can order a repair service by myself. Fine, I called and got another number of technician. I called again twice and left messages, no response till now. I had to find another professional by myself, who replace the thermocouple for me but it did not work. So, I had to buy a new water heater since it has a similar price to replace other parts. Really bad feeling of wirlpool, nerver nerver buy any products from them again.

Dillon Raye said:

I blew up some beefers house with a Ortiz blowup hot water heater with huge mongers!

Melissa Wagner said:

We own a plumbing company in the Chicagoland area. We have and do install only Bradford White water heaters and have for nearly 20 years. We install nearly 200 water heaters a year and on average, have 1 warranty issue per year. That is only 1/2 of 1%. Remember, you get what you pay for, both on the product side and the labor side. Bradford is the ONLY tank made in the United States. With the current condition of our economy, spend the extra $60-$100 and support the workers in the United States opposed to the workers in Mexico and Canada!
In addition, you need to use a plumbing company that is trust-worthy. If any of our installed heaters fail, WE take care of them if they are under the 6-yr warranty period. Find a company that stands behind both their work AND the products they install. Chances are those of you who have had problems, used the cheapest company you could find...you get what you pay for!

Tom said:

I bought the Whirlpool 40 gal water heater 5 years ago. I have had the pilot quit and not be able to restart on two occations. It was under warrenty and Whirlpool sent me the replacement part within two days but, I had to install them myself (fairly easy task). The time, inconvience and hassle factor isn't worth repurchasing another unit from Whirlpool. Reading the reviews of several other brands don't sound much better.

Brad said:

I just found my GE water heater leaking with rust stains out the seam of the outer skin. It lasted about 10 years. This is unnacceptable in my opinion. A water heater should last 20 years. I work at a test lab and just expect more from consumer products. I'm going to try a Bradford White next, if accessible.

david paramount said:

I bought a GE 40 gal water heater at home depot,3 months later ..the pilot goes out and will not relight.I get it replaced and that one goes out 5 months later.Went back to the home dpot for refund and they give me a store credit,not my cash.so i refuse to buy another heater at DEpot.Those GE heaters are junk .What ever happened to quality and customer care,afterall...if you don't take care of your customers(GE) with a good product,eventually you will be out of a job.

joe naidu said:

best price

Jan said:

Had 40-5- gal. BW nat gas installed by local gas co.. Lasted just a few yrs., very disappointing. Have had State for 12 yrs. now w/o any probs.. Have been warned away from H.Depot & Lowes as being lower quality regardless of name, ie: shorter life. May move to whole house tankless system soon.

Mike Martin said:

Don't ever buy a Whirlpool hot water heater. I've had mine for less than a year and already had to call a plumber and pay for repairs (this was just after a couple of months of owning it) and now it is going out again and neither Lowes nor Whirlpool will do anything about it. My last water heater was an American Standard and lasted about 18 years. Whirlpool and Lowes are both companies that I will no longer do any business with.

jeff said:

need new water heater 40 gallon gas maintence free.

Clarence Wallace said:

I bought a Kenmore Power Miser 12 & replaced it after two years. The pilot light went out at random times and after 2 service calls the last one $130 & the service man saying he could finf nothing wrong I had it & switched to a Bradford White.

JG said:

Stay away from GE water heaters. Very poor quality. Our 50 gallon gas water heater is less than 5 years old, has rust stains and is leaking. It has a 12 year warranty but GE does not cover labor or removal cost. Getting a replacement is a nightmare especially if you went through Home Depot Home Services. Apparently, warranty means a pro-rated refund that does not cover the cost of a new unit! Local Home Depot has been very helpful in trying to resolve it. GE should be covering all costs associated with replacing a faulty, inferior quality product. A water heater should not be rusting in 20 years, let alone 5 years!
Our experience with a GE refrigerator has been equally bad. GE seems to be off loading extremely low quality products to the general consumer. I for one will not buy another GE product!

Nancy Dudley said:

I have had a 650 HORT propane water heater for 2 years. Since day one I've had nothing but trouble. The pilot will not stay lit. Everytime I've called the Company, they have a different solution for me, none of which have worked. Don't buy this product!

Laurie said:

I moved into a new home that has a 40-gal Whirlpool Flamelock Water Heater, installed in 2004, I moved in in 2006. The water heater is leaking like a sieve at the top. It is supposedly covered under warranty; except I am not considered the original owner, so out of luck. I've had a plumbing contractor here from Bradley-White who wants to charge me $875 to put in a new water heater. Isn't that a bit excessive? Reading all these reviews is confusing. Sounds like there are no quality water heaters out there.

Jason said:

GLAD I FOUND THIS OUT NOW! I had a whirlpool on order, that's canceled. I'm pulling out a 20yr old Bradford, common sense tells me to install another B.White

Jon said:

My Bradford White 40 gallon water heater went after 2 and a half years, the one before that lasted only 5 years. The water heaters were replaced under warranty, but installation costs a fortune. My plumber said that the water heaters aren't lasting long because the high mineral content in my well water is damaging them. This may be true, but my other water based appliances are over 10 years old.

Scott said:

After reading all the reviews, it doesn't sound like there is a hot water heater out there to buy. I will stick to cold showers. I will save money on not heating the water, and I'll save money on water because my showers will be MUCH shorter. Thanks everyone for your reviews.

KEN said:

I review everthing I buy before I buy it period. I learned the hard way. When I say I review I mean hours sometimes. I am retired so I have the time. Recently I needed a water heater. First place I went for research was plumber sites. Terrylove,ridgid plumbing,ect.. I learned in about 3 min. Dont buy anything AMERICAN WATER HEATERS CO. makes. Thats who makes Whirlpool for lowes. {BEEN SUED PEOPLE SCREWED} They have made this junk several yrs. Wont fix problems. I found out two things. Thats all I needed to know. If your going to have to buy a water heater and You CAN'T install it get a BRADFORD WHITE,RHEEM, LOCHINVAR or RUUD{rheem}. I found these to be reported reliable. Prices are dependent on size and plumber fee's. If you can install,get -RICHMOND{Rheem fury}at menards,GE at home depot{Rheem}.
Alot of people {including plumbers} dont know GE is Rheem. They assume since it came from box store not sold through plumbers its low quality. NOT TRUE! Several threads on plumbers sites say these water heaters are in fact same quality. Only the warrenty is deciding factor on that matter. {SAME TANKS} Also the difference between the 6-12yr tank is in fact the warrenty,again {SAME TANKS} . In most cases a 12 yr tank will have a bigger sacrficial anode rod or two rods. This is not a big deal if you maintain your water heater right. {change anode rode every 4-6 yrs}{flush out tank every yr}. If you do these two things you double the life of a water heater. The days of installing and walking away for 20yrs are long gone. MAINTAIN,MAINTAIN!! You'll find Rheem had a recall a few yrs ago. Gas valve. Every manufacturer was in that recall. They all used that valve.
You'll find that every manufacture had a leak. This happens, even new water heaters. Theres always a chance you might get one. All companies will replace them for that issue under warrenty. Best way of telling if its American Water Heater Co. made is on the bottom{underneath} there is a screen/filter. Turn water heater over! Run from those designs. Filter cant be cleaned underneath it. {long toothbrush maybe? }{every 2- 3 mo. or warrenty void}
I know there are other manufactures that have decent water heaters.maybe? I strongly suggest anyone buying a water heater that you do this, find a model you desire,go to that manufactures site. look at the breakdown and specs. look for the filter in the very bottom. you can see it if you look. If its there look elswere. This is the biggest problem they are dealing with. A.O.SMITH is reported to have more leaks than others on plumbers sites. On the specs only three numbers really count. {energy factor}{first hr delivery}and{recovery time}. If you look at any manufactures site it tells all you need to know about these factors. Electric designs dont report recovery times because they are so bad with it. It heats less than 25 gallons per hr. compared to 40 gal.hr gas design. Most energy effecient models {62 energy factor} are giving 100.00 rebate from local utility co. This paid for my extra 6 yrs warrenty making my water heater a 12yr model. plus I got 40.00 in my pocket. Watch for that deal. As of now, Jan 13TH 2010 NO electric tank water heaters made the energy star list. This is days of research because of so many bad reviews to sort through. One thing for sure,the water heater your replacing was better built! {They dont build'em like they used too}Applies here. In dec. 2010 the energy factor will change. The 100.00 rebate may be gone. Stay with these names Hope this helps?

David said:

I bought a Reliance water heater and installed it 16 years ago. It's just going out now. That's how long it lasted.

rose bralich said:

We are going on vacation for a month and were told to turn our water heater to pilot. we are unable to find the setting. we have found very hot and 120 farenheit. We have a 40 gal. gas bradford white water heater. We will be leaving in a few days and would appreciate any help you can give us.
Thank you

Tom said:

I have had bradford white heaters since my house was build 17 years ago. Granted we have hard water that is ran through a culligan softner before the heaterm but in the last 17 years I have went through 6 hot water heaters. They have leaked as quickly as 1 year and have lasted no longer than 3 years. I change them myself and they always honor the warranty, but next time I'm going to try something different. I think as long as you are on city soft water you will be fine with any brad, but on hard well water, I'm not sure any brand will last long. Bradford white has always been thought of in our area as the cheap builders grade and not the top of the line.

Eric said:

Whirlpool hot water heater is trash. Stay away from it like the plague.

Sally Galan said:

Just had installed a 85 gallon electric hot water heater. Is there a rebate available?

Debby said:

Ken, absolutely excellent post! So helpful, thanks.

Mark Damico said:

We have a Reliance 606 hot water tank. We also have trouble keeping ours lit. We had our plumber in to tell us it needed a new part. When we contacted the company, they rudely hung up on us three times. Finally, after finding someone to talk to us, they told us they would not even sell us the piece we needed. Our tank is still under warranty, yet I was willing to buy the piece to fix the tank. They would not even sell us the piece. I will never buy another Reliance product again and I will be sure to pass this experiance on to other friends and family.

S.J.Brown said:

I've had a RHEAM gas hot water for 26 years and NEVER once had a minute of a problem. I'm replacing it this
month...because I think I've pushed my luck too far.
Yes, I'm replacing it with a Rheam and with any luck it will continue to meet my needs the same as the one before it.

TJ said:

My company has sold over 4,000 American Water Heaters and have had 3 defective. That is a .00075 defective rate. I have recently heard through many of my customers that Bradford White has had horrible problems with the new Honeywell Icon Gas Valve. I have sold AO Smith, Bradford White, State and Rheem for the 10 years I have worked in the plumbing supply business. I would recommend American Water Heaters before any of them. All companies have there issues and recalls, but I stand behind this company 100%.

stewart wrozier said:

whenever they introduce a new design on the market the technicians and consumers need to get up to speed on how they work and what type of preventive maintance there needs to be done.The new FVIR water heaters are a new design that requires preventive maintance. If not , the pilot light WILL fail. It's not that big of a issue if you understand why it will fail and how you can prevent it. All FVIR water heaters have a flame arrestor that has to be keep clean. the flame arrestor is located under the water heater. This is where the air enters the combustion chamber. the older style water heaters did not need the flame arrestor because the air entered from the front where the burner tubes entered the combustion chamber.The new design was developed to prevent combustible fumes to ignite by the pilot light. they have a tool you can order on the internet.The water heater vacuum brush was developed for the new FVIR water heaters. It's called tightspotvacuum. I hope this helps.

george said:

I bought a Kenmore powermiser 9 in 2007 and the pilot assmbly has failed 3 times !

TJ said:

My company has sold over 4,000 American Water Heaters and have had 3 defective. That is a .00075 defective rate. I have recently heard through many of my customers that Bradford White has had horrible problems with the new Honeywell Icon Gas Valve. I have sold AO Smith, Bradford White, State and Rheem for the 10 years I have worked in the plumbing supply business. I would recommend American Water Heaters before any of them. All companies have there issues and recalls, but I stand behind this company 100%.

Dean said:

I purchased a Reliance 606 two years ago. The pilot will not stay on. Unreliance is a better name for this water heater

Dave said:

The home I live in came with a Bradford White water heater. I don't think this was done by the builder but the previous owner, either way while my neighbors have replaced their waterheaters at least once, some twice, mine has been still going, well up until this morning. MY Bradford White gave me 17+ years of service without one minute of maintanence. I have another Bradford White being installed tomorrow and I would not consider buying any other type.

DW in Whitmore Lake said:

Don't buy a Sears. Bought Power Miser 12 - 12 year warranty. After 4 years the pilot assy. went bad. They would not honor their warranty on the manual. The Sears warranty center said they vhad a differant warranty then I had and it was only for 5 years. Must be they could not do the math 2010 minus 2006 is 4 years. Won't buy another. They also kept putting me on hold and hung up 4 times. Must be the economy is good at Sears and they can offer terrible customer service and afford not to stand behind their warranty!
Thumbs down for Sears!!!

cipe said:

Certified in Plumbing Engineering- The Bradford White water heaters are great- good value and performance- Just replaced a 17 year old BW and new style and features are superior inc. high efficiency, safety pilot and reliable.

Angkor said:

I had a ProMax electric water heater installed during renovations in 2003. This unit burst open in 2008, flooding our kitchen. The warranty got us an identical replacement in 2008. This unit developed a water leak into the electric control panel in 2010, compelling us to replace it. The original warranty has now expired and I am facing having to install a third water heater in a period of seven years. The installer has an excellent, long-term reputation in our area. The ProMaxes were installed in a dry, ground-level venue.
I am now confronted with having to pay another $600 for a new water heater because A.O. Smith's quality is inferior.
My plumbing contractor wants to install a BW, but I'm hesitating because of enough negative reviews here and on other websites. I've yet to see a brand which gets overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Mike said:


There are over 106 brands of water heaters in the United States that are made by 6 different manufacturers. Many of the brands that folks have criticized are made by the same company that makes the brand that the same person recommends. For instance, Ken talked about how bad GE water heaters are and then recommended Rheem when the GE water heater IS the Rheem with a different paint scheme and labeling. Someone else talked about how they are supposed to last 20 years and he is a researcher. How long a water heater last depends on how well you maintain it, the way you use water and the quality of the water in your area. It also depends a lot on how well it's installed. Installers are all over the place on their quality of installs. Many gas water heaters have improperly configured exhaust vents that contribute to the earlier demise of the tank and their installers are so inept they don't even realize they installed them wrong. The Big Orange box is one of the primary violators. Some areas have waters with high alkalinity others not.

Any man-made device can go bad. Read the manual, maintain it like it's supposed to be maintained and it will most-probably perform as good as any other.

susan murphy said:

At the time we purchased our new home in 1978, it included a state electric hot water heater. Finally in 2004, I had the hot water heater replaced because I was afraid one morning we would wake up and have no hot water. I called and ordered a new state electric hot water heater, and to date I have paid more in trip charges than I paid for the new hot water heater. Same thing happens the wiring shorts out the thermostat and elements. Do not purchase state hot water heaters.fllen

Chris said:

I had an old water heater in house that I believe was made by American with now out of business retailer Builder's Emporium sticker on it (had the date 1980 on tank) and lived in this house for 13 years. Never had any problems until it started to leak at the bottom. Figuring it was time to replace, I researched brands and read the postings on this and other websites. I chose to buy Bradford White BMI40T6FBM. Well, it's been a little over a month after install date and the pilot light has just started to go out. Thought it was just a fluke over the weekend, was greeted with a cold shower this Monday a.m. but will start making calls to BW and/or plumber tomorrow. In re-reading TJ's comments about the Honeywell Gas Valve problems I am thinking this may be the issue. So much for trying to buy American made products.

tony said:

hi i have a ao smith promax 50 gal water heater it is about 5 years old. the pilot light went out i relight it stays on for a few hours go thru a cycle goes out again i researched on the web and ao smith website i cleaned out the filter on the base and vacuumed out the burner chamber and also the flame arrestor no help still goes out i called ao smith they said i had to do what i allready did or call a technician to measure the milivolts and gas pressure to see if the pilot light assy/with thermocouple are bad. it is out of warranty so they will only pay for parts i can by the parts at the plumbing supply for 40.00 it will probably cost over 100.00 to have someone come out and look at it. i have never heard of other water heaters with such finicky air requirements as the pilot will go out after. i called the plumber that installed it and he told me try one more thing will see if this works. i cant recomend ao smith water heaters

dwcsr said:

I had a Reliance 50 gallon gas water heater that was made in 1994. It just gave up the ghost in 2010. The only reason I didn't buy another Reliance was noone in my area sold them. I bought Bradford White MI-40T6FBN at the local plumbing supply house at a good price.

Steve said:

yes, wow, reading this it's clear that this is going to be more difficult than I thought. We purchased a 40 gal American heater in 2002 ($125?)and it is now leaking from the bottom and the pilot is going out. I guess I'm lucky compared to most of these folks. Considering going tankless!

Tammy said:

Just picked up and installed the BW 40 gal natural gas water heater. No trouble with installation or lighting it. Hot water was on within a couple of hours. Hope it last longer than the Whirlpool we had which was a nightmare with all it's issues and bad customer service - WE had to pay to have the thermo cupler sent to us overnight - part free but would take weeks to get??? Pilot light kept going out and finally the whole thing gave out at the bottom and leaked all over our basement floor. Bradford White is sold here locally at the hardware store - they delivered for free and we know they honor their warranties on appliances already so after reading all the opinions I think we got a good one this time and it was only $300!

Mike said:

I purchased a 50 gal Whirlpool gas water heater from lowes in 2004. After 6 years the pilot went out and wouldn't start again. It was only Through research I discovered the problems others were having with the water heater. Of course the heater was just beyond the warranty period. I called Whirlpool and they were more than happy to help. They sent me a new conversion kit which included an adapter(for the reverse threaded thermocouple), thermocouple,pilot tube,manifold tube and a new orifice for the burner.All parts were installed on a new door assembly. No charge and next day delivery.I will say that the pilot tube was a little tricky to attach to the gas valve with the ferrule nut supplied. All I need is a new anode and hopefully I'm good for another 6 years.I would have to say I would purchase another Whirlpool based on my experience. Also, sitting next to the Whirlpool is 40 gal Kenmore power miser 8 for tenants use. The warranty expired 05/05 and lets just say the water heater Gods have been very kind to us.I would purchase either tank again.

GJ said:

My 5 yr old GE water heater has rust around the bottom and going upward on the white tank. I have no water drips -- yet. Because it is still under warranty, I called the GE 800 #. The representative told me I didn't need to worry - The outside tank is only COSMETIC. Doesn't matter if it rusts out on the bottom. He said because I live in Texas, and the water heater is in the laundry room (in a closet), that I have high humidity. That's ridiculous. I'm 50 miles from Okla - not in the Gulf Coast! He told me most likely the contractors had scratched the tank when installing it, so rust was not unusual. I told him I watched as they installed it - in my new 5 yr old house. They were careful - no scratches, etc. I'm almost 60 yrs old, and I've NEVER had a rust problem before on ANY water heater or other appliance until this GE. I told the rep.,so if this rusted water heater was in YOUR house, you wouldn't have a problem with it? I'll be sure and tell my insurance company about your advice and reassurances when this causes a flood in my house, and they can sue YOU for telling me I didn't need to worry. My gosh, why do you think plumbers use pvc now instead of metal pipes?? RUST EATS through metal! I told the rep I showed the Home Depot people (who were very nice)a photo of the rust and they said definitely need to replace the tank now. I would love to know if the GE company president agrees it's nothing to worry about when the tank is rusted. What a slap in the face.

Dave said:

As a plumbing contractor I have been installing Ruud water heaters since 1969. I have one in my own home. Ruud has had very little problems with their water heaters since this new flame-guard system came out in 2003. We install aprox. 235 water heaters a year and I bet we probably don't have 1 or 2 a year that give us an issue. Have tried other brands over the years with no success. All junk compared to Ruud.Also, Ruud invented the first indoor water heater in 1889, so they know what they are doing. If a customer has a warrenty complaint, there is no problem getting it resolved. Ruud is warranty is for 6 yrs., but it's not uncommon for it to last 12-15 yrs., or longer.Quality and Ruud go hand in hand.

Mel said:

If ordering a water heater from American Water Heaters, be aware of the warrenty. This company has many loopholes in their warranty, and ultimately cover very few service calls.

chris said:

I wish to do some renovations,and move my water heater from inside a closet,to a crawl space under the house.I am looking for a horezontal gas fired 40 gallon water heater but do not know if that style is made.can any one help,thanks

Birney L said:

Rheem power vent water heaters. We replaced an A.O.Smith with two Rheem power vent hot water heaters.One for front, one for back of house. Power vents have oxygen sensors that shut down if you don't have enough oxygen in the area.Took 2 years to find out problem-no help from Rheem.Their customer service stinks.Will never purchase Rheem again.They're not made in U.S.-made in Mexico.Learn from my mistake.

Bob in NJ said:

My 5 yr old Whirlpool 40 gal. gas water heater started only giving about half as much hot water a few months ago at the start of winter and the hot water was never hot enough to burn my hand. I tried draining the tank (there was no sediment) then tried dialing back the thermostat from max to 1/8' less than max thinking maybe the unit wasn't getting a chance to recycle if it ran almost continuously. Nothing worked so a few weeks ago I set the thermostat back to max. Yesterday I noticed the water was much hotter, and now I get a 12 minute shower in hot water instead of a 6 minute one in warm water. The outside temps are no higher and my gas bill is no lower but I'm wondering if the gas pressure may have been lowered. Either that, or some component in the tank miraculously self corrected.

Jason said:

My 25 year old Bradford White tank started leaking. I replaced the dip tube when it was 20 years old. Outside of that, I have had no problems with it. I am replacing it with another Bradford White.

Tim said:

The former owner of my house put in a State Water heater (50 gal.) twelve years ago. I noticed what I thought was a leak coming from the female opening in the tank to Pressure Relief Valve. I had the plumber install a new pressure relief valve since fiddling with it caused it to leak, also. Anyway, the leak was not only coming from the fittings mentioned above. The tank is apparently leaking also. Twelve years isn't bad, I suppose since I did nothing to maintain the heater (replace anodes, drain, etc.). The plumber is going to replace the State with a Bradford White. I'd never heard of them--but trust this plumber's opinion completely, since I've used him a number of times and he's very reasonable--and his work is always impeccable.

Pete in Houston said:

We have a Bradford White 40 Gallon gas water heater and the thermocouple went out. I called the company to ask about the warranty. They told me it was 5 years old and under warranty. I was then told to call a plumber who worked on their waterheaters and they would pay for the part, but I would have to pay for the labor. THAT'S A CRAPPY WARRANTY. They'll pick up the tab for a $5 part (or less to them) and leave me with the plumbers bill which would not be cheap. I asked them if they could sell the part to me because I knew what the problem was and could fix it. They refused, saying only a licensed plumber could get the part from them. I was very dissappointed with their customer service as well as that so called warranty. I went to Home Depot, purchased a thermocouple for $10.78 and did it myself in 15 minutes. I'm sure a plumber would not have been cheap even for a small job like this. I would not recommend BRADFORD WHITE because of their poor customer service and warranty.

earl perkins sr said:

Have a 30 gal whirlpool water heater, gas, will never purcahse another whirlpool, have to change the igniter at least twice a year---going to electric rheem-

nathan said:

Have to replace my 40 gal tank, I was told the recommended size is a 50 gal. tank for a household of 3 or more? My wife and 6 month old baby, and maybe more to come, is this true or can I stay with a 40 gal tanK? Also, can I convert to a electric tank?

ben said:

Have a Kenmore power miser 12 that's 5 years old and the pilot light keeps turning off. At least I'm better off than a friend who has a Kenmore that's less than a year old with the same problem. We both bought Kenmore's because the last water heaters we had were Sears that lasted about 20 years. Neither of us will ever buy Sears again. Congratulations for running down the brand.

D S in Mn said:

I have a Rheem 30 gallon propane hot water heater that I purchased in 1985. It has never once given me any problems despite my lack of providing basic maintance. It is still going strong but the inside on the bottom is starting to get a little gunky. I had it inspected today by a master plummer. It will be replaced tomorrow evening.

I just experienced cardon monoxide poisoning on Mother's day due to a York Diamond propane furance purchsed in 2004. A pet was lost and I was extremely sick for a week, mistakenly thinking it was the flu, before finally going to the ER room. What pinpointed the carbon monoxide problem, for my dr, was the death of the pet.

I am very worried about what type of water heater to purchase after reading these reviews. A wrong choice can lead to more than simply a loss of money. I have been researching water heaters for days.

There is a major problem with several brands that contain a value made by RobertShaw during three wks of Aug.,2005. I questioned a few local dealers about this recall today on different brands and both gas companies told me they had never heard of the recalls. One dealer said he just attented the Mn Propane Ass. safety inspection trainning and nothing was mentioned there. Both companies told me they do not research what brands have safety issues. These are the folks most people rely to be in the know when it comes to making such a decission. I am quickly learning when it involves something as important as your families safety you best do the research yourself and not rely on others.

AJ said:

Dont by Reliance, what a piece of junk. It blew it's top this morning, just days afte the warrany expired.
And for the past year has been making horrific noises.
We tried draining it out, but it didn't help.


I have never seen a wholesale house refuse to sell a Bradford White to a consumer. In the last 5 years I have only replace 2 Bradford Whites under warranty. In 2010 I replaced 179 water heaters only 1 was a Bradford White. Check out the local metal scrap yards it will be hard for you to find a Bradford White in the pile of hundreds of bad W heaters. The only water heater made 100% in USA, not just labeled and stickered here for distribution. There is a reason BW won't sell to Big box stores, its called ethics and morals, the unwillingness to put inferior parts and materials on or in their tanks so the price can be cheaper. Also alot of Homeowners don't install them properly, then when they have problems, its always the heaters/products fault. Thus giving the product a bad name.

Donald Stamey said:

This is the third Whirlpool gas Hot water heater we have purchased from Lowes.The first hot water heater we purchased had a big dint in the side of it. We carried it back to Lowes and got a new water heater same type water heater it was all right for a while, then the pilot light kept going out, so we carried it back we put a new pilot light in it it worked for a while and now the pilot is going out. I will never will buy another Whirlpool Gas hot water from Lowes.

Rick in scottsdale said:

What this article doesnt tell you is, AO SMITH manufactures the Whirlpool, Reliance, American, US Craftsmen,and STATE, and KENMORE. RHEEM manufacters RUUD, GE. They are all the same just a different sticker. Bradford White is an american made product and the rest come from mexico. I called MR WATERHEATER and had a Bradford-White installed with a 12 year warranty. I love it and no problems.

Don said:

I'm looking for a Power Miser 10, 40 gal. by Sears.

Jim said:

Warning DO NOT purchase Rheem

Here is my experience,

They DO NOT honor their warrantee.

My plumber installed 2 Ream Water heaters in my two family it worked great for two years, three months ago one burst at the bottom and flooded my basement. NO problem the got like a 6 or 7 year warrante. I called Rheem they said the product is under warrantee they gave me a return number and i should take the Defective heater back to where i purchased it.

Contractor took it back and the Distributor where it was originally purchased said they WILL NOT Exchange. I contacted Rheem they said try another distributor Same thing NO EXCHANGES. I called several more and ask Rheem if they could ship me one they said NO. This has been ongoing for 3 months I eventually contacted the BBB. Rheem said they would give me fair market value this turns out to be about $400 a new heater cost about $800 NOT Fair at all.

Please do not purchase they do NOT honor their warrantee. I purchased a different brand to replace the defective one.

YOU will get Screwed when your heater fails

I had to pay an additional $400 for a new heater
Flooded basement
Cleanup expenses
Contractor / Plumber expenses

mjllie said:

40 gallon GAS hot water heaters need PRICES

Ed said:

An important note about the Rheem FVIR water heater. Running the hot water so long that the tank temperature falls below 116 degrees will cause condensation to form on the flue pipe, and it will drip onto the burner until the temperature exceeds 116 degrees. This dripping will cause a sizzling sound and large orange flames, as well as cause the water droplets to bounce around the burner compartment. This will eventually break the fuse in the FVIR system, either from the enlarged flames, or the relatively cold water striking the hot fuse, shutting the burner down. This fuse cannot be replaced. (What you do on your own to replace the fuse is of course at your own risk.)

Harry said:

Went a vaughn brand,we went with rental plan,to many junk companys,not building stuffbto last anymore.if it still works dont replace it yet.

Joe F said:

I bought a Richmond 50 gallon water heater made by Rheem from Menards. It failed after 1 year 8 months. I noticed from other websites that this brand has many complaints. Menards would only honor an exchange but I lost faith in the brand. I purchased a State water heater, and so far so good. American made.
In my opinion after reading a post in here from a gentleman who had a State brand that was 30 years old says a lot about American made products and craftsmanship. It validate my pick for State brand. Years ago, washers, dryers, water heaters made in America for the most part lasted many years! Thats not the case today.
If you are thinking about purchasing a water heater from a big box store, at the very least make sure you know where its built and check message boards for complaints. It does say a lot and may save you money down the road.

john said:

ge water heaters suck warranty wise, bought 12 year tank warranty and when i returned leaker was told i had to pay difference in 2002 price of 308 dollars and todays price of 589 dollars. aosmith, bradfordwhite dont do that ...i opted for my original purchase price back and bought a 50 gallon bradfordwhite at wholesaler for $411 dollars.......screw home depot, screw ge water heaters.

SAM in Dallas said:

Had a RHEEM 40 Gallon PRO 40 Water Heater installed on Dec. 12, 1995, it is still going strong and has never had any problems. Some years ago it did make some clicking/clacking noises but this ceased at least 7 years ago. Rheem and American Standard offer a 12 year 12 year parts warranty 1 year labor heater and from what I can tell these are the 2 best. Note that in the May 2012 Consumer Reports Magazine, American Standard beat Rheem as having the least amount of maintenance problems with central air and heat pump A.C. compressors.

Lynn said:

I spent $1500 on a Bradford White water heater 14 months ago to replace one that had been there for 20+ years. Last night in the middle of showering my two little kids, the hot water turned icy cold because the control box on my new Bradford White water heater had completely DIED and needed to be replaced.

The unit was out of the one-year warranty (by four months), and the six-year warranty only covers parts but no installation. Talk about fine print! The authorized Bradford White repair dealer quoted me $520 to install the part. So in order to get hot water from my (almost new and very expensive) Bradford White water heater, I would have to spend an additional $520!

I called Bradford White and spoke to a supervisor to find out if they would pay for the labor to install the new part, considering that the unit was almost new and the defective part was their fault. The supervisor was SO RUDE!!! He told me there was NO WAY they would pay one cent of the labor! If I wanted any hot water, I was going to have to pay (again) for it. When I told him that I thought having to pay $520 to repair a $1500 water heater that was only 14 months old was terrible customer service, he responded (this is no joke): “Why? Because I’m not doing what you want me to?? YOU are the one who signed the warranty for parts only, so YOU are 100% responsible for any and all labor to install the parts.” As if I had a choice on what the warranty covered! When I asked for his name and employee number, he was happy to give it to me, which tells me his superiors agree with how he treats customers --or he wouldn’t be a supervisor.

Bottom line: DO NOT EVER BUY A BRADFORD WHITE PRODUCT!!! The products themselves are unreliable, and if there is a problem, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A DISGRACE!!!

Frank said:

What many people don't understand about water heaters is that the one you byu from a plumber is different than the one you buy from a Home Depot, menards, Lowes, etc. The big gox stores can sell cheaper because they have a pro rated warrenty. In other words, if you buy a Lowes heater with a 6 year warranty, and it springs a leak 5 years in, they'll give you maybe 75 bucks towards a new one. If you buy one from a plumber, you get a new heater absolutely free, and should get free labor to hook it up. Just remember, when it comes to the big box stores, there is a reason it costs a few bucks less!

Debra said:

My Bradford-White just went out last night, it had run perfectly since 1996. When I looked at some of the literature attached to it, it looked as if they fully expected the tank to last at least 10 years. I'm hoping the new one will be of a similar quality.

dclark said:

I am selling a house that I have had a Rheem 40 gal gas water heater in for the last 15 years and it is stille going strong, no rust, no leaks, no draining. Our new house has a 40 gal gas GE from Home Depot that has been there 2 years - also no problems to date, heats well, still looks like new.

John in SLO said:

It all started six years ago when I installed a new water heater purchased on October 14th 2006. I purchased no extended warrantee. Why should I? The product should work as advertised.

In May 2009, the water heater sprung a leak. I had to wait several days for a heating specialist to come down in order for them to look at the water heater and determine whether or not is was a warranty. Granted, its a leaky unit meaning we have NO hot water at all because the valve has to be shut down completely. Fortunately, I have an oversized heating catchment which was able to cope with the water. The repair person gave me a hard time for taking it out, 'cause he wanted to see it leaking'. So we hooked up a hose to prove it. Turns out is was a faulty tank. I finally got him to sign off and was able to go to the store to pick up a new one. I hauled it myself and installed it myself and disposed of the old faulty unit.

And now, its Nov 2012. Guess what? The tank springs a leak. I phone support and Dietrich of Sears support in Austin says that they can't come out for a week. I inform him that its thanksgiving and that I have a dozen guests. 'Well, nothing I can do'. I phone up Jonathan at the store and he gives me another number. After going through a dozen or so menus I finally get to Brian of the Ohio (might be different) office. Brian says that it is technically out of warranty but that they should still honor it as it is 'the right thing to do' especially given that the thing broke three years ago. Brian says they will try and get someone out in the morning and that I should phone in the morning. I phone in the morning and I get Debbie out of the Austin office. She was like a broken record player that just said, 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, etc, etc'. She said they would not honor the warranty and that six years of good use was fair. She said I should have bought the extended warranty (which by the way, would not have got it fixed in time for my thanksgiving meal and twelve guests who were coming over because they couldn't come over for a week anyway). When I pointed out to her that I had to transport, reinstall and dispose of a heater earlier that 6 years of trouble free use was not the case. Secondly, I said, what would you think of a car manufacturer who sold you a car with a 5 year warranty and the frame cracked and transmission blew out one month after the warranty ended (think Detroit in the 70s and 80s).

So, I went out and bought a new water heater from another manufacturer. I WILL NEVER BY ANY SEARS PRODUCT AGAIN.

hooD said:

I am very pleased with my 40 gal Bradford White. This water heater replaced my Kenmore Miser 6, which was 10 years old. My Kenmore never delivered enough hot water and it took forever to recover.

The Bradford White heater is everything people on here have said good about it. The temperature on the heater is set at Hot...it can go another 4 steps hotter. I am considering setting it to a lower setting because the water is super HOT. I only wish my Kenmore heater had started leaking years earlier so I could have had a Bradford White sooner!

mike said:

Have had a Whirlpool gas water heater that had a problem with thermocouples failing every few months. Finally had a furnace guy look at it and he said the pilot light flame was too high from the factory. He adjusted the pilot gas valve and have not had to replace thr thermocouple since. 9 years now

Stanford said:

The water heater in our home is a 30 Gallon Richmond Miser gas heated glass lined unit. That water heater was installed before we bought the home in 1983, 30 years ago. The label on the water heater has a 1980 date on it. The home has all copper plumbing and there are plumbing insulators in the plumbing at the connections to the water heater. Why is this water heater lasting so long?

Dan said:

We own two 40 gallon Bradfod White water heaters that came with the house. Although it has the Hydrojet system that is supposed to reduce sediment, Bradford White recommends flushing 2 – 3 gallons from the drain valve every month. It is important to note that Bradford White incorporates the anode rod with the hot water outlet so you must remove the plumbing from above just to get to the anode rod.

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