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In vs. vs., we compare three of the top websites offering For Sale by Owner kits for selling your own home. Here is the least expensive option from each site that includes a yard sign.
The Editor Pick Editor's Pick

Ad on active until sold:
- Printable brochures
- 1,000 word description
- Six property photos
- Edit your ad anytime
- Cardboard yard sign, directional sign & brochure dispenser
- Ads on ",,,,, and others

Avg. Price: $250

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(5.0) For Sale By Owner For Sale By Owner's "Premium Package":
- Ad on active until sold
- Ten photos
- Edit your ad anytime
- Customized yard sign
- Ad on Google

Avg. Price: $35

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(3.0) FSBO Package FSBO Package

Note: 8/11/2008 - Homepoint no longer offers FSBO services.'s BasicFSBO plan:
- Ad on active until sold
- 1,000 word description & - Ten property photos
- Edit your ad anytime
- Customized metal yard-sign (see left)
- Ads on 12 other websites (including Google, Craigslist) active for each site's default listing period
- Home value report

Avg. Price: $80

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What research says

Note: Homepoint no longer offers FSBO services as of 08/2008. We recommend For Sale By Owner. and are two of the largest online FSBO web sites, so it's good to have an ad on these sites. However, both of them could do better when it comes to yard signs - especially, as the cardboard signs they offer look very amateur. offers a professional-looking home for sale sign, and it's nice that this FSBO website puts your home ad on so many web sites, including industry leaders Google and Craigslist. and seem to rely mostly on traffic to their own site. The price for's plan is a little high compared to or, but some of the features make it worth the price. provides a useful home value report to help you set the right price for your house.

All three sites have a lot of resources & upgrades worth considering, including flat-fee MLS listings, brochures, virtual tours, and more. has some cutting-edge plans that pair an hour of with their FSBO plans, and there's a nice Steps to Selling Your House guide there. also includes an eBook in their plan: "The Complete Guide To Buying and Selling Your Own Home", which sounds more focused of FSBO selling than's guide, which discusses FSBO as one of several methods of selling a home. has a nice section of Real Estate Forms & Contracts.

Overall we found to offer the most value for the price (Note: No longer offering services), and to be the most established and trusted among current online user reviews of FSBO websites. If you are trying to sell your own home you want to save as much money as possible while still giving yourself the best chance to get top dollar out of your house. Going the For-Sale-By-Owner route can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding if done the right way. We hope the resource below will help. Good luck!

Average Rating

For Sale By Owner FSBO Website Reviews
Average Rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.

Real Estate Agent said:

Hi, I'm a real estate agent in Colorado who would like to stay anonymous for obvious reasons. But I'm writing just to say that the for sale by owner (FSBO) options offered by some of these websites are VERY exstensive. Nothing beats a real estate agent - in my opinion - if you are trying to sell your home in a tough market. But if it is a seller's market out there you could easily save over ten thousand dollars by selling your house without a real estate agent. But I didn't tell you that!

jim said:

there are a lot more sites than 3. do a new review. What about,,,, what's wrong with them, I'm curious? said:

Just a quick note, that also syndicates listings to the real estate sections of Yahoo, Google Base, USA Today, Facebook, and many others. We also have a new tool allowing people to easily post their listing onto Craigslist!

mrd said:

fsbo doesn't offer mls posting in all areas so what's the point?

Blonde said:

In our opinion, we would not use FSBO/Acorn in Kansas. In our opinion, they put ads in many sites but none of the sites get any response at all - they are web sites no one looks at for housing. Our opinion a waste of time and monies.

kzkz said:

There seems to be confusion that buyers would goto the fsbo site to look for homes. That wouldn't be the case if its listed on the local mls and, type sites. Am I missing something?

Shirll said:

Working w/ sliders as selector indicators is not as easy i.e. 'user friendly' as one might think. You may want to try a different type of indicator--e.g. for price range and sq. ft., etc...

Also, I saw a house through another site in Demotte, IN that indicated on photo that it was;
however, upon checking out your site--it was not possible to locate.

Prior to these frustrations, I considered utilizing your services. I have decided not to, however, due to these problems. Hope you can resolve them.

Thank you

Steve in Missouri said:

I used and would not recommend it. Certainly don't expect to collect on their money back guarantee. It's only good if you select the agent THEY assign to you. One hand washes the other. I'm convinced that agents blackball any FSBO homes as even a .5% commission above the going rate got no showings. Showings picked up immediately after using a realtor and it sold in 50 days after having been on for a year.

Ron said: must be defunct as the site does not come up.

cheryl said:

For Sale by Owner disappointed us by assigning an MLS agent in GA for our house in CT. Also they never gave a free report because it was not available in our area. Also you couldn't edit your video as the site stated.

Mike said:

FSBO is a waste of money. There is zero customer service and they stuck with Connect Realty, which is a complete joke. Try contacting them during any business day and you have a much better chance of talking to their answering service than an actual agent. Please be smart and do your research. Actually read the reviews, not the rating. It is a scam that cost me $699.

Flat fee mls listing service said:

We allow a seller to list, market and ultimately sell their home on the MLS for a flat fee, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

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