Portable Solar Device Chargers

When it comes to solar device chargers there are a lot to choose from, but few offer all the options and flexibility of the Revolve, Solio and Powermonkey.

Revolve Hybrid Solar Charger
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Revolve Hybrid Solar Charger

- xeMini Plus
- Recharges over 3,000 different devices, two at a time-including the iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry
- Retractable AC prongs plug directly into an AC outlet--no external AC adapter needed
- Replaceable 2200mAh battery backup provides emergency power anytime, anywhere
- Made with cutting-edge green materials like recycled plastics blended with bamboo fiber
- Includes: Car Charger, USB Mini and Micro cables, and a USB adapter
- Recharge from multiple sources, including AC outlet, car, computer, or sunlight.

Avg. Price: $80

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Solio Hybrid Solar Charger

Solio Hybrid Solar Charger

- Classic
- Earth friendly solar charger provides portable, sustainable power for 3,200 and above devices
- Includes 7 adapter tips (MicroUSB, MiniUSB, FemaleUSB, New Samsung, New LG, New Nokia, and New Sony Ericsson)
- It measures 4.7 x 1.3 x 2.5-Inch and 78 grams with one year warranty
- Internal 1,650 mAh rechargable lithium-ion battery stores power for up to one year
- Features USB charge-in cable, adapter cable, quick start guide, Art of Solar Charging
- 1 year warranty

Avg. Price: $ 86

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Powermonkey Portable Charger

Powermonkey Portable Charger

- Explorer
- Battery capacity: 2200mAh
- Weight: 83g
- Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 38 mm
- Compatible with PDAs
- Combatible with mobile phones
- Compatible with iPods
- Compatible with PSP & Nintendo DS
- 6.6 x 5.9 x 2.9 inches
- 1.8 pounds

Avg. Price: $105

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What research says

First up is the Revolve xeMini plus hybrid charger. The Revolve can be used on over 3000 devices including laptops, cell phones, cameras, etc. The xeMini claims the battery is strong enough to do two complete charges of a smart phone. You also have the capacity to charge two devices simulataneously. For the eco-conscious consumer, Revolve take pride in offering this charger which is made from recycled plastics and bamboo fiber.

Next is the Solio Classic. Like the Revolve, the Solio can charge charge over 3000 devices. It comes with several adapter tips that fit more of the commonly used devices and brands, and it does incoropate earth friend designs. But it does sound like you need to buy an optional wall adapter to charge the battery in that fashion. Solio also offers a less expensive version, the Mono, but it doesn't include as many features.
The last review is for the Powermonkey Explorer. The Explorer model's battery capacity and size/weight are similar to that of the other models and it includes cables for the most common devices like cell phones, cameras, and iPods. The one drawback consumers mentioned in their reviews of this product was it was very hard to find adapter tips for this charger.

All three chargers are similar in many ways; battery capacity, weight, and adapter cables, but there are a few key features, that separate editor's pick from the others. First, the Powermonkey is simply overpriced compared to the others. Next, the Solio can not be plugged into the wall without buying a separate adaptor. That means the Revolve is the winner of this review. It has the battery capacity, the cables, the eco-friendly materials, the price is right, and it is ready to go straight out of the box.

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Portable Solar Device Chargers
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