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Pepper sprays ward off unwanted assailants. Pepper sprays come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the most popular brands.

Inferno Pepper Spray
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Inferno Pepper Spray

- Size Options: Key chain, pen, multiple canister sizes
- Pepper Spray Type: Foam
- Pepper Spray Ingredients: 2 percent black pepper and 8 percent oleoresin capsicum

Avg. Price: 1.3 oz. $15

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Fox Labs International

Fox Labs International

- Size Options: Keychain, purse, multiple canister sizes
- Pepper Spray Type: Gas
- Pepper Spray Ingredients: Pepper, tear gas and ultra violet dye

Avg. Price: 2 oz. $19

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Sabre Red Pepper Spray

Sabre Red Pepper Spray

- Size Options: Keychain, Pocket, multiple canister sizes
- Pepper Spray Type: Foam
- Pepper Spray Ingredients: Red Pepper, other ingredients

Avg. Price: 4.3 oz. $20

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What research says

Inferno Pepper Spray comes in many different shapes and sizes including key chain, pen, and three different sizes of canisters including in weights ranging from 7 grams to 300 grams. This product serves its purpose well and for the price, it is the best buy money can bring you. A major benefit that we discovered with the Inferno pepper spray is that unlike other pepper sprays of its kind it deploys foam that can be targeted easily. This foam, containing 2 percent black pepper and 8 percent Oleoresin Capsicum, liquefies on contact. The fact that it liquefies and runs down the face of the attacker is its unique selling point.

Fox Labs International has been making pepper sprays for a long time now and so many people trust them. Fox Labs pepper sprays are prepared using a mixture of pepper, tear gas and ultra violet dye. Their pepper sprays have received many applauds and they claim their products to be safe enough for anyone to use. Fox Labs pepper spray does not liquefy after its foamy distribution format so when the foam hits your assailants forehead he can just wipe his face and come back at you because it may not have gotten into his eyes. This is not possible in a pepper spray that turns to liquid on contact because the liquid will run down the attacker's face. One way or another the liquid spray will get into his eyes and possibly his nose where the terrifying extract will cause temporary sight loss and unimaginable pain.

Sabre red pepper spray also has the same problem, though it comes out in foam form. Sabre red spray does not change into a liquid form on contact, but remains foamy. This makes it possible for your assailant to wipe it off his face if you missed the eyes. Regarding the Sabre pepper spray, we have failed to understand how their product stands really distinct from all other pepper sprays. They have not mentioned any of the ingredients they have used to make their product which is odd.

We choose Inferno pepper sprays as our editor's pick because they produce more spray to better incapacitate the assailant and they are made of high quality materials. Most importantly, we liked that the spray came out as foam and turned to liquid quickly. All three products are good enough for most situations, but we feel that Inferno pepper spray stands a step higher than the other two and there is a huge and fascinating collection of dispenser sizes and styles from which to choose.

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Pepper Spray Reviews
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.

American Man said:

Inferno pepper spray is awesome! Isn't that what the cops use on protesters who try to participate in the democratic process by exercising their constitutional right to free speech?

Dapper Jr said:

Check out DeFuser Pepper Spray, the first pepper spray that CAN'T be taken away and used against you!

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