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The dental water jet reviews here include systems from the leaders in dental water jets. Find out which is the best of the best.

Waterpik 100 Dental Water Jet
The Editor Pick Editor's Pick

Waterpik 100 Dental Water Jet

- Ten pressure settings
- 5psi too 90psi
- 600 ml (20.3 oz) water tank
- Two year warranty
- Includes two jet tips (his and hers)
- Includes tongue cleaner, pik pocket, orthodontic and toothbrush tips
- Pause flow button

Avg. Price: $60

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Conair Interplak WJ7B

Conair Interplak WJ7B

- Seven pressure settings
- Two year limited warranty
- Includes two jet tips
- Includes brush, subgingival and tongue cleaner tips

Avg. Price: $45

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Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

- Seven pressure settings
- Maximum pressure of 60 psi
- Uses HydroMagnetics
- 800 ml water reservoir
- Pulsating water stream
- 1 Year limited warranty
- Includes four jet tips
- Includes four toothbrushes

Avg. Price: $130

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What research says

The Waterpik 100 is a sleek, affordable dental water jet system by a trusted brand. Although the highest setting (#10 at 90psi) is a little strong for me, I like having the option in case there is a stubborn piece of food or something that just won't budge with lower settings. Neither of the other dental water jets below offer that much pressure.

Both the Waterpik 100 and the Conair Interplak system have two year warranties, a year longer than the Hydro Floss system, and both include similar tip attachments. However, after testing both systems we felt the Waterpik 100 felt better made and we enjoyed the additional water pressure settings. The Waterpik is also a much better looking system, but of course that is a matter of personal preference and opinion. You can decide for yourself from the pictures. With that said, the Conair Interplak dental water jet is about $15 cheaper than the Waterpik, so that might factor in. Both are great systems and both are less than half the cost of the Hydro Floss option.

The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator is a top-notch dental jet system overall, but it falls short of providing enough value to account for the more than double price-point difference. It has fewer pressure settings than the Waterpik 100, and less PSI. They probably want to play it safe with the PSI but, like I said, I enjoy having the option. The reason for the price increase is for the Hydromagnetics concept, but I didn't get a good idea from the website or instructions as to what that meant exactly. In terms of the actual water jet, it didn't feel any different. And since they offer a year less warranty coverage than the other two units, I can't imagine they have too much confidence in the quality of their system.

BOTTOM LINE: All three are good dental water jet systems, but the Hydro Floss oral irrigator isn't worth twice the price of the Waterpik 100. The Conair Interplak WJ7B is a great buy at $45 but I would be willing to pay an extra $15 for the additional features and pressure offered by the Waterpik 100. That is why they get our Editor's Pick.

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Dental Water Jet Reviews
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Ivan Perelson said:

You're correct! I bought one of the Waterpiks .... looks good and does the job perfectly.

Dennis said:

This review of the Waterpik, Conair and Hydro Floss products was very useful, informative and started me in the right direction. Thank you.

Carol said:

Thanks for the tips!

Ron said:

While your review is correct on initial use, after only about three months, the pressure starts to fade and the system dies. From other reviews I have read, this problem is a general one for this type of appliance. For the money that these things cost, they should last longer. Warranty or not, its a hassle to go through an exchange.

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