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It seems that there are as many fishfinders as there are species of fish. Here we compare fishfinders in the $400-$600 price range to help you reel-in the big one.

Lowrance Power-Pro Sonar

Lowrance Power-Pro Sonar

- Superb 480x480 pixel resolution
- 5 inch diagonal high-contrast Film SuperTwist display with 16-level gray scale definition
- 4,000 watts peak-to-peak power with depths to 1,000'
- Advanced white LED backlighting
- High-speed 200 kHz Skimmer® transducer with built-in temperature sensor
- Up to 60 degrees of fish detection coverage with high sensitivity settings
- Maximum sonar depth: 1000 feet
- Sealed & waterproof
- Dimensions: 6.9W x 5.4H x 3.4D
- Manufacturer's full one-year warranty

Avg. Price: $400

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Eagle FishElite Fish Finder

Eagle FishElite Fish Finder

- Vivid 256-color enhanced, high-resolution TFT display
- 320V x 240H pixel resolution for superb sonar target detail/separation
- Fluorescent cold-cathode screen and keypad backlighting
- High-speed screen updates
- Unique resize window to adjust split-screen display, and overlay data feature to place any sonar/GPS data on any full or split-screen display
- 1500 watts peak-to-peak/100 watts RMS with depths to 800 feet
- High-speed transom-mount 200 kHz Skimmer transducer with built-in temperature sensor and up to 60 degrees of fish detection coverage
- Adjustable ping speed with automatic HyperScroll™ for high-speed sounding
- COLORLINE to enhance target separation and help define bottom composition
- Multiple color sonar display modes for angler preference, light conditions, and to expose fish hidden in cover
- FasTrack vertical bar flasher shows real-time sonar returns and echo strength
- Waterproof slot for MMC/SD memory cards (not included) to record sonar graphs and GPS data files
- Stores up to 1000 waypoints and up to 100 retraceable plot trails

Avg. Price: $470

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Hummingbird 597ci FishFinder
The Editor Pick Editor's Pick

Hummingbird 597ci FishFinder

- Ultra high-contrast, high definition displays with up to 640 pixels
- High-sensitivity Sonar Echo Enhancement
- Accelerated Real Time Sonar
- One-Touch 2x, 4x, 6x, or 8x split screen zoom
- Fish ID+ with target depth or view sonar returns
- Selectable large digits view
- User-friendly X-Press menus
- Automatic or manual operation
- Fully adjustable backlight
- Tilt and swivel quick-release mounting
- Feature memory
- Waterproof
- Hydrodynamic transducer with temperature
- Optional speed and Triplog with distance, average speed, and elapsed time
- Huge 640V x 480H 4.5 inch color TFT display with DualBeam sonar that has 20 degree and 60 degree beams
- 16-channel GPS+WAAS
- Built-in 30m per pixel resolution UniMap of U.S. inland lakes, rivers, and coastlines
- Compatible with Navionics charts
- Performance fishfinder with 2400 watts peak-to-peak power output and reliable depth to 1,000 feet
- In-dash mount: 5.4H x 6.9W

Avg. Price: $570

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What research says

Let start by saying that there is a bit of learning to do with fishfinders. First off, these units are basically sonar units. They map beneath the water and show you what's beneath the dark. The price ranges on fishfinders go from $79.00 to over $4000.00 and that’s just for 'consumer' units! Here we've found what we'll call the medium range and in another review we'll look at a high range set.

First we'll take a look at the Lowrance X135 Power-Pro Sonar Fishfinder. This unit comes in at our comparison's lowest price point and has quality in all the right places, to begin with the screen. The x135 starts with a very nice 480 x 480 pixel screen for clean and easy viewing, continues with a 5' diagonal grayscale screen and finishes off with 4000 watts of peak-to-peak power. Outstanding when you also consider that this is the highest powered unit in our comparison with almost 2-times the power of the $570 Hummingbird in this review. This is one of the best entry points out there and one of the best units at the price.

Next we look at the mid-priced entry from Eagle. The Eagle FishElite unit has a singular strong point, a good color screen. The resolution is not as high as others but its TFT LCD manages to remain sharp. The Eagle here has the lowest power of all of the fishfinders in this comparison. Eagle attempts to make up for this with a memory card slot that allows you to store data, which is great for GPS waypoints or even just data on fish populated areas.

Lastly, we look at the Hummingbird 597ci. In the world of getting what you pay for, this fishfinder is the feature rich contender. While the size of the screen is 1/2 inch smaller than the Lowrance, this 4.5 inch monitor has 640 pixels of resolution which makes for a sharp, easy to read, color display. The Hummingbird also features two beams of sonar in 20 and 60 degree spans. GPS+WAAS is standard in this model as are built-in UniMap features. The power here is not super high, it comes in at 2400 watts of peak-to-peak power but that’s where the dual-beam system accommodates you best.

The build quality on all of these units is good. Outstandingly is the Hummingbird who's feature set is a great value, the amateur and the pro angler can love and enjoy. The budget conscious and those concerned with power might do best to forsake a color screen and take a closer look at the Lowrance. If you must have a color screen, the Eagle FishElite is not feature-rich but won't break your wallet either.

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Fishfinder Review - Compare Fish Finders
Average Rating: 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.

John said:

Eagle stopped production of all products, however, Lowrance is the same units....

Manpreet said:

hey fantastic setup you have there just wodnreing were you got that mount were you have your fishfinder , gps and rod holder on ? real keen to buy one just what i need !! thanks

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