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In these reviews we compare home furnaces by name brands Trane, Carrier and Lennox to find out which is best residential furnace brand.

Carrier Comfort Furnace

Carrier Comfort Furnace

- 92% AFUE
- Lifetime heat exchanger warranty
- Quite Tech noise reduction
- Pilot-free ignition
- 5-year warranty on parts
- Energy Star Rated
- 60,000 - 120,000 BTUH
- Single Speed Blower
- Polypropylene-coated heat exchanger

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Trane XT90 Single Stage

Trane XT90 Single Stage

- 90-92% AFUE
- Optional Train CleanEffects air filtration
- Vertical or horizontal placement
- Self-diagnosing microelectronic controller
- No-weld heat exchanger (one piece)
- Four-speed blower
- Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger
- Lifetime warranty on heat exchangers
- 5-Year warranty on all other internal parts
- Energy Star Rated

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Lennox G51 Gas Furnace
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Lennox G51 Gas Furnace

- 92.5 AFUE
- Energy Star Rated
- Secondary Heat Exchanger
- Can be combined with electric heat pump
- Oneboard Control Readouts
- Lifetime heat exchanger warranty
- 5-Year parts warranty

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What research says

The first thing you'll want to look at when choosing a furnace for your home are online reviews of local contractors for each brand. Since heating and air conditioning contractors tend to focus on one brand or another, these reviews should factor into your brand purchasing decision. In terms of quality indicators the next thing you should consider is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of a particular model, or the Fleed Efficiency of the brand as a whole. The minimum AFUE is 78% efficienty as set by the US Department of Energy. But you should expect to get closer to 90% with the brands featured in this review.

Trane has several strong home furnace models that work with gas or oil. Looking at one of their most popular natural gas furnaces, the Energy-Star rated XT90 Single Stage Furnace, we see a 90% AFUE (other Trane models go as high as 95%) in a durable unit made to heat average sized homes.

Carrier has a comperable furnace model to Trane's XT90, which is the Comfort 92. This furnace is quieter and comes with all the same warranties, but without the second heat exchanger and only a single speed blower. Carrier does make multi-speed blower models, but the price goes up accordingly.

Lennox is one of the most trusted names in home heating and air conditioning. Their comperable model is the Elite Series G51, which is quiet, efficienty and durable. It too has a secondary heat exchanger and is a very high (for this price range) 92.1% AFUE. Online review sites like Angie's List have very possitive things to say about most Lennox installers, and some of them offer 10-Year Parts and Labor warranties on some furnace models.

Other well-known furnace brands to check out are American Standard, Kenmore and Aire Flo.

Average Rating

Home Furnace Reviews: Compare Furnaces
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.

Caroline said:

My husband installs Lennox heating and air conditioning systems in Cincinnati, Ohio and I must say - with obvious bias - that they are the best brand of furnaces. :-)

S Guyton said:

Crabtree Heating and Air Conditioning in Dayton OH installed a York Furnace in my home recently. I LOVE IT! It is so quiet, and the temperature is so even throughout the entire house. I was also thrilled with the professionalism of the installers (Dean and Jason). Dean reviewed my heating needs, advised my which furnace would do the best job for me. They came when they said they would, they were knowledgeable, courteous, and exceptionally great at cleaning up when they were done. I highly recommend them and the York Furnace.

Joe Doe said:

We purchased a York furnace a few months ago and it has never worked properly since the day it was installed! Service has been out 4 times and can’t seem to figure out the problem. They’ve blamed everything from the number of vents to the new thermostat and still now change. It short-cycles constantly and has quit altogether on 2 occasions leaving us with no heat for up to 24 hours. And this in the middle of winter!

After repeated attempts at contacting the manufacturer we have gotten NO RESPONSE from their customer service. Seems they’re only interested in selling the product and making outrageous claims than actually taking care of their customers.

After 7 months of “testing”, can’t really call it using since it still doesn’t work properly, I can honestly say NEVER AGAIN!

Randy said:

Looking for feedback on Trane XR 15 Heat PUmp and One stage 95 system.

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