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Here we compare electric toothbrushes from the heavy hitters in the industry; Braun's Oral-B series, Phillips Sonicare, and Water Pik's Sensonic series. The quality is all here.

Braun Oral-B Electric Brush
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Braun Oral-B Electric Brush

- 3-D Brushing Action
- 40,000 Pulsations
- 8,800 Oscillations
- Choice of 2 speeds for optimal control
- 2-minute Professional Timer signals every 30 seconds
- Power lasts 12 days between charges
- Includes 1 Flexisoft brushhead, 1 DualAction brushhead and hygienic brushhead storage.

Avg. Price: $70

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Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush

Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush

- 31,000 brush strokes per minute
- Designed to produce whiter teeth and healthier gums in 28 days
- Clinically proven to remove more than 80 percent of coffee, tea and tobacco stains
- Improves gum health by reversing gingivitis and helping shrink periodontal pockets
- 2-minute automatic brushing timer, the professionally recommended time
- Full charge provides up to 14 two-minute brushings
- 1 compact brush head and holder
- 4-foot cord
- Some assembly required
- Model No. HX4101

Avg. Price: $54

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Water Pik Sensonic Toothbrush

Water Pik Sensonic Toothbrush

- Ergonomic handle design with a non-slip grip
- Dual speed control-low for sensitive areas and high for optimal plaque removal.
- Comes with two standard brush heads, one interdental brush head, and a charger base
- Recharge Indicator Light--Provides battery charge status.
- 2-Minute Brushing Timer--Indicates when two minutes of brushing time has been achieved.
- 30-Second Quadrant Timer--Signals 30-second intervals for thorough brushing of the four quadrants of the mouth.
- Rechargeable. No batteries needed.
- 2-Year Warranty

Avg. Price: $79

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What research says

Electric toothbrushes have increased in popularity and effectivness since they were introduced. Here we look at 3 models in price ranges from $50 to $75.

There are of course some common features that you would expect, such as 2-minute brushing timers, no-slip grips, replaceable heads, and cordless rechargeable technology. Now the differences begin. As you can imagine the feature list goes up along with the price tag. We can start with the powerhouse; Braun's Oral-B 7400 series. The Braun Oral-B PC 7400 Power Toothbrush stands out as it goes 3-d by both pulsating and oscillating. Also in the powerhouse category is the Water Pik Sensonic Professional Toothbrush, which brings in a 30-second quadrant timer to let you know how long you've spent brushing a given area. Both the Water Pik and The Braun Oral-B have recharge light indicators to let you know the power status of the brush, and both of these units feature two speed adjustments. One speed for sensitive areas and a higher speed for plaque removal. Both of these units come with two interchangeable heads but the Water Pik Sensonic also includes an interdental brush head.

The Phillips Sonicare Advance 4100 Electric Toothbrush is not to be ignored, extensive studies have shown that this unit removes more than 80% of coffee, tea and tobacco stains. Most importantly this unit has a really solid construction, a long battery life and is very easy to use.

Considerations are based partly in price. The units here are more effective than the majority of battery operated toothbrushes out there and the replacement heads are widely available in most drugstores, grocery stores, department stores and more. There is a range of $25 between the bottom and top of these brushes which is all about features. All of these products are good and have excellent features so check the price tag and make your choice based on features.

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Review and Compare Electric Toothbrushes
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