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How CTB Works: Imagine you need to shop for a new widget. You know it has to be a green widget, and it has to be one of the cheaper ones. You might then go to Amazon, eBay, Google... to begin researching the different brands and models out there in your price range. You might compare their features and prices. You might read the online reviews from various sources to see what shoppers are saying about each brand / model. Finally, having made an informed choice as to which entry-level green widget model to buy, you might compare prices from various merchants, or perhaps go straight to the one you trust the most.

Compare The Brands does all of this for you! Still not sure? Read our answers to CTB's most Frequently Asked Questions.


Milwaukee M18 FUEL Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

  • 18 volts
  • 0-3,000 SPM
  • 1 1/8\" stroke
  • \"Powerstate\" brushless motor 
  • Keyless adjustable shoe
  • Keyless blade clamp
  • High-capacity battery (75 minutes of charge)
  • \"Redlink Plus\" performance optimization
  • LED lamp
  • Rafter storage hook
  • 21\" x 15\" x 20\" 
  • 8.9 lbs
  • 5 year tool warranty (3 year battery warranty)

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Lululemon Exquisite Yoga Pant

Lululemon Exquisite Yoga Pant

  • Made of Full-On Luon with 4-way stretch
  • Lycra fiber helps the pants move with you and keep their shape
  • Extra-deep thigh pockets will accommodate a phone, cards, or keys
  • Tight, yet comfortable fit
  • Light-weight and sweat-wicking
  • Inseam: 30 1/4
  • Rise: High

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About Us

Who Runs This Site?

Compare The Brands is owned and operated by Everett & Audrey Sizemore - That's us. We live in rural Virginia.The website was started by me, Everett, in 2007 and has undergone various levels of neglect since then. In 2014 we decided to breathe new life into CTB, as it is affectionately called, because something interesting had happened in the world of search engines - but we'll get back to that in a moment...


About CTB

What sets CTB apart from all of the other product review and price comparison websites out there is that it is neither. It is a "product comparison" website. Rather than just pulling in the price from a dozen stores so you shoppers can find the best deal (we do that too), we actually compare the different features, online review ratings, pros & cons and prices of two or more similar products from different brands. This simple, but fundamental, difference means several things...

  • We have to make some qualitative judgments, which can't be done by a machine.
  • We have to actually write some stuff instead of aggregating data from hundreds of merchants automatically for millions of product SKUs.
    • This is something that can't be done by machine, or by someone who barely speaks English.
  • We can't afford to churn out hundreds of new web pages every day.
    • Comparing several products is more manual than listing prices from different merchants and relying on a community of visitors to do all of the rating and reviewing.
  • Brands, products and models come and go all the time so we must constantly "clean house".
    • The majority of comparisons in our technology-related categories are going to be obsolete by this time next year. Our content is a big up-front investment, which usually has a very limited shelf life.


All of this is to say: Back in 2007 CTB couldn't compete with the big review sites while also providing a good, honest, useful service. Then from 2011-2014 Google launched a series of updates to their search engine ranking algorithm, which targeted those big, automated review sites - among others - because they felt the sites did not provide enough value to users. Google had learned how to algorithmically detect the "quality" of content, causing many of the automated price comparison shopping engines to go under. Suddenly our unique, useful, human-written, relatively expensive content went from being a liability to becoming an advantage.


At CTB we aren't re-publishing a merchant's product feed, or relying on our visitors to provide all of the content. We are actually researching, analyzing and writing product comparisons as though we were shopping for the product ourselves.


How to Contact Us
You may contact Compare The Brands by using our contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you actually use every one of the products first?

No. As mentioned above, we do the same thing any smart consumer would do when shopping for a new product. We do our research and make an informed decision. CTB comparisons are unbiased summaries of our research, allowing you to save time, money and effort when choosing between several models and brands on the market.


Imagine you had to buy a new widget. It has to be a green widget, and it has to be one of the cheaper ones. You might then go to Amazon, eBay, Google... to research the different brands and models out there in your price range. You might compare features and prices. You might read the online reviews from various sources to see what shoppers are saying about each brand. Finally, having made an informed choice as to which entry-level green widget model to buy, you might compare prices from various merchants, or perhaps go straight to the one you trust the most.


And you never even had to buy the product. This is exactly what does with most of our online comparisons. And yes, we do physically handle, test and review some of them too.


Will you review my product or service?

We do accept products to review, but require you to contact us and read out guidelines first. See our Sample Guidelines here. Please note: We do not, under any circumstances, guarantee a good review. By sending us your product you are agreeing to an unbiased review.


How do you keep from being biased if you rely in advertising revenue?

We rely on ads to keep this site going, such as those from the Google Adsense Network, as well as affiliate relationships with merchants like We don't choose which ads go on the website, rather they are chosen by Google after taking into account what the page is about, the quality of the content, and advertiser bids for keywords. The only time we ever get involved is when an inappropriate ad is showing (e.g. adult content, drugs, known scams...) so we can have them banned from the site. With regard to affiliate links, we provide a link (when possible) to every product in the comparison, regardless of whether we chose it as the "Editor's Pick" or gave it a single star. This way we don't have to worry about which product gets the affiliate link, allowing us to focus instead on helping our visitors choose the best brand for their needs.

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Terms of Use

All product specs, prices and deals are subject to change. The comparison shopping information provided on this website was collected at the time the page was written and may not be accurate by the time you read the comparison. Many of the links on go to directly to the product page on a retailer or manufacturer website. We are not responsible for the outcome of your dealings with any company other than As always, exercise caution when purchasing products or services online. Search for the business on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for more information if it is your first time dealing with the company. All reviews, brand comparisons, comments and product information on this website should be considered editorial content and opinion.


Privacy Policy

We use cookies to track user interactions with advertisements in order to get credit for the click, lead, sale or view. However, you can still browse and use the site without accepting cookies if you turn this feature off in your browser.


Compare The Brands values your privacy. We do not share your personal information, including email addresses, with anyone for any reason unless required to by law.

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Advertising Info

For Shoppers is a for-profit website, and we have to pay the bills to keep it going. This means we show advertisements on the site. Our ads come in various forms, such as banners and pay-per-click ads from the Google Ad Network, or affiliate links to online stores we trust. As outlined in more detail below, we do not allow anyone to buy their way into a good review, and all advertising on the site is completely independent of our unbiased editorial reviews.


For Advertisers & Businesses Compare The Brands does not guarantee a good review of your product. Ever. It does not matter if you advertise with us, or send a free sample to review... Our comparisons must be completely objective or we would lose all credibility with our visitors. Now that's out of the way, so...


Advertising on is a unique opportunity within the realm of online review sites. Most such websites compare prices for the same product across multiple merchants. That is what they mean by "comparison shopping". It is very late in the buying cycle, after the shopper already knows what they want. All they need now is to find the best deal, preferably with a merchant that has decent user reviews. As a merchant, this leaves you competing against bargain basement sites for a shopper who is already in the mindset of getting the best price - not the best product. Online shoppers arrive at CTB much earlier in their buying cycle.


CTB visitors are still researching options. They're not quite sure WHICH product to choose, but they're aware that they need one. Typically they would research options across several different websites, but we do that for them. We gather all of the information, including features, pricing, review sentiment... and help them make sense of the pros and cons of each so they can come to a well-educated decision about which product to buy. This brings them to the point at which they may want to compare prices. Presenting an educated shopper who knows what they want to buy an offer for that product at exactly the right time is a mutually beneficial experience for both advertiser and shopper.

Advertising Options Please contact us to discuss advertising options, including affiliate relationships, email newsletter offers, lead generation and display advertising.

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Sending Samples

Please do not send us anything without first asking if we would like to receive it. Samples will not be returned. We cannot provide a good review just because you send us a product. However, you will have the opportunity to include a list of reasons why your product us superior to the others, or why it provides better value. This will assist us when doing our own research. If accepted, we will respond to your request with the address to which you may send the sample.


Please ensure your sample includes the following:

  1. A specs sheet and description of the product, including its unique value proposition and why you feel it is of better quality or value than competitors in the same price range or category.
  2. Written permission for to display an image of your product and logo on the website.
  3. Contact information for someone who can provide access to image files and provide further information.
  4. A list of the top competitors within the category, as close to the same price-point as possible.
  5. The product to be reviewed, including the box, instructions, warranty information, etc... basically whatever the person buying it would end up getting.


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