Heavy-Duty Snow Thrower Reviews

Expecting more snow? We look at two heavy-duty snow throwers that will most assuredly get the job done. Poulan and Swisher face off in this heavy duty head-to-head comparison.

Poulan Pro Tecumseh Snow King
The Editor Pick Editor's Pick

Poulan Pro Tecumseh Snow King

Poulan Pro 8.5HP 27" Tecumseh Snow King 2 Stage Snow Thrower PR8572ES Features:

-27' Two Stage Snow Thrower
-Electric Start
-Loop Style
-Chain Speed Drive
-23" Intake Height
-Balanced for heavy snow
-Single motion controls
-EZ power steering system -High performance auger/impeller
-Super-slow speed for heavy and deep snow
-L-Head Engine
-12"/12" Diameter Auger/Impeller: Loop Style
-Chain Speed Drive
-16"x4" Wheels
-Weight: 265 pounds

Avg. Price: $900

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Swisher Snowthrower

Swisher Snowthrower

Swisher 27-Inch Snow Thower 627853x07a Features:

-27-inch dual stage clearing path
-11-torque Briggs and Stratton engine
-Electric starter
-Manual chute defector
-27-Watt halogen headlight built into panel
-Plastic chute
-Dual stage engine
-21.625-inch Intake height
-12-inch notched augers
-12-inch impeller
-Manual chute deflector
-Wheel drive system
-16-by 4.8-inch tires
-Weight: 218 pounds

Avg. Price: $800

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What research says

Feedback from the owners of these products was very good, as well as people who have had other products by Poulan and Swisher.

These two units are in the big-boy category of snow throwers. Both feature 2-stage operation, giving themselves separate augers and impellers. The construction on both machines is rugged and well thought out. The extra weight in the Poulan is partly due to materials and partly due to the Poulan\'s steering system.

The Swisher\'s design is well thought out with its powerful panel-mounted halogen headlight and light-on-dark controls. Some might think that the Poulan is lacking on the design side but all of its finer points are in usability. The Poulan also has panel mounted light, but for tough jobs the super-slow speed gear handles deep snow better eliminating the need for multiple passes over the same area, the other great design point that may go unnoticed but is highly important is the loop-style auger/impeller. This allows chunks to be swept into the machine and thick snows to be literally funneled into the snow thrower. The other important distinction between these two models is that the engine in the Poulan has a Chain Speed Drive for superior internal durability.

In considering what unit to purchase, the $100.00 price difference may not mean much in the long run as durability plays a huge role in any equipment that is exposed to harsh conditions.

Danny said:

I have a "heavy duty" snow thrower by White Outdoor that I like a lot. I haven't tried the other ones, but this one definitely gets the job done. It's priced right in between those two at about $850. Got it at Ace Hardware.

Compare The Brands said:

Thanks for the tip Danny. We'll add a link to that Snowthrower below in the other resources section. Feel free to let us know about good products to compare any time.

gene said:

would like to know more about the white outdoor machine

Dave said:

I bought the Poulan Pro less than two weeks ago and the chute directional device did not work properly from the start. The cable snapped after 2 uses and I was told by the dealer that this was a normal wear and tear part and not covered under warranty. Do yourself a favor and buy a Simplicity instead. The price is comparable and the quality is WAY better.

Mike said:

Today begins the third week since my Poulan Pro snowblower went into the shop. The part that broke is an auger control shaft. This is an internal auger part that very seldom breaks. But of course it did when the Poulan coughed up a stone under the snow in my neighbors driveway. (I was being a good samaritan). Earlier a weld broke loose on this same auger. The Poulans are flimsy by comparison to Toros or Ariens brands. Lighter gauge steel makes a less expensive unit but not a better one. I could go on about lack of parts availability, difficult belt access and limited warranties but I have a driveway to shovel (by hand).

When the opportunity arises buy an Ariens.

Steve Tonkovich said:

You say the Swisher snow blower is $730 on Amazon, but when I checked it out, it was $930

Joe from northern WI said:

Just purchased the above swisher at menards for $750 fully assembled. I would be more inclined to call it a medium/heavy duty machine but it should pull off the job I have to do. Swisher claims it is made entirely in the U.S.A. so I had to purchase it! BUY MADE IN U.S.A. and save an americans job!

Steve said:

Poulan Pro is highly overated! Cheap build and poor engineering, wish I had done a bit more research before buying mine. Spend a couple hundred more and get a Toro or Snapper.

Jim said:

I purchased a model PP8527ES a few years ago and am still using it. It has some good features and some poor features. I will list them seperately starting with the good ones. My blower came with a Techumseh engine not a Briggs and Stratton. The engine starts and runs very well with plenty of power. The machine can blow the snow a long ways away, 50' to 75' from the operator in no wind conditions. I have never plugged the machine including the chute with snow nor have I had to replace any shear pins.
Now the bad items: The machine is too light in the front (balance)and will crow-hop when starting to move or blowing crusted snow making it quite difficult to control. The machine does not track in a straight line but has to be physically guided with a firm hand on both handles. When blowing crusted snow or through a snow berm, the front auger has a tendency to lift the front of the blower from the ground (balance). The controls are hard to use. The speed control does not have any gates or notches so finding the best working speed can be a challange. The chute control is cable operated. The chute can be moves quickly to different directions however once the cable stretches you lose some of the arc capability. The arc is 180 degrees at best and should travel 200 degrees or more for optimum blowing results. There is no repair for a stretched cable. You will have to replace the complete actuater to the tune of $70 to $100 or more plus labor. It isn't covered by any warranty. The deadman handles are clumsily to use, after an hour or so of blowing snow my hands are tired and cold. The skid brackets wore out after the first season using this machine on blacktop, I welded some round stock to the bottom and extended them slightly for a skag effect to help the tracking.
All in all the blower does the job it just isn't the easist to use. I would buy a different blower IF I could find one that has better and easier to use features. Unfortunately most of the ones I have been looking at are identical even though they are a newer model year. Engineers, don't you think you start thinking with your brain instead of your pocketbook? Start with the KISS principal, Keep It Simple ______!

Elaine said:

how to fix auger control. the cable was broke in haft. I got a new one .need help to put it back on

Toughnut said:

I'm not sure I would call ANY Poulan Pro product 'heavy duty' but for the price this snowblower seems like a good deal that most home owners would be happy with. I wouldn't use them for commercial purposes though.

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