PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Vs Nintendo Wii

No holds barred as we compare the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), the Nintendo Wii, and the Microsoft Xbox 360.

Three very different gaming units, each one will let you get your game on in its own way.

Sony PlayStation 3 - PS3
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Sony PlayStation 3 - PS3

The PlayStation 3 is powered by the Cell Broadband Engine, giving the PS3 system supercomputer-like power and performance. Built-in Blu-ray Disc player. With its multimedia interface for Photos, Music, Videos, Internet, the PlayStation 3 provides an array of multimedia activities, without even inserting a game. PlayStation 3 delivers "always-on" online connectivity; offering multiplayer gaming, text and video messaging, voice chatting, downloading content and browsing the internet. Sixaxis Wireless Controller. Backwards Compatible with PS2 and PS1 games. PlayStation 3 and PSP (PlayStation Portable) can exchange media like photos, videos and music from your PlayStation 3 system to your PSP system. High-Definition Capabilities displays as well as conventional or standard TVs. This PlayStation 3 comes with a 60 GB removable hard disk drive.

Avg. Price: $600

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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

Provides an immersive, engaging experience mostly because of the Wii Remote, which uses motion sensor control to let players to be a part of the game through natural and intuitive movement. Wii has entertainment for every person in the house; anyone of any age or skill level can pick up and play games on Wii. The Virtual Console offers access to a library of downloadable games. Games can even be selected from the original Nintendo Entertainment system, Super NES and Nintendo 64 as well as new content that will be designed specifically for Wii AND Wii plays all Nintendo GameCube video games. Multimedia integration continues on the Wii Menu, where you can check the news, create a caricature of yourself and play yourself in a game, view and send personal photos, or even check the weather.

Avg. Price: $250

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Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 Console has three core processors able to produce Hi-Def 720p/1080i output, 16x9 cinematic aspect ratio, anti-aliasing for smooth textures, full surround sound and DVD playback. The Xbox 360's hard drive is 20 GB and its detachable, allowing gamers to store their games, music, downloaded trailers, levels, demos, community-created content from Xbox Live Marketplace and take it with them. Also included is a high-performance wireless controller which features the Xbox Guide Button for accessing digital movies, music and games libraries as well as a range and battery life of up to 30 feet and 30 hours of life on two AA batteries. The removable Faceplate can be swapped out and customized. The Xbox also comes with a headset for talking to friends or opponents while playing games on Xbox Live. Video comes from component, standard, and HD cable.

Avg. Price: $398.00

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What research says

Microsoft's Xbox is a good system, there are lots of features and plenty of games, but the real strength of this console is that it is an excellent media hub with it Hi-Def video output and that its fairly portable. The game selection is good but not overly impressive and the pricing is fair, until you begin loading on options. The gameplay is tight and tends to be glitch-free, but the fun factor goes to Nintendo.

The Nintendo Wii is simply FUN. You will not be wowwed by the jawbreaking graphics of the Sony PS3, but you will be entertained. The Wii is excellent for parties and its connectivity are good. It's also the smallest of the comparison group, making it highly portable. The Wii will let you play older Nintendo games if you get the console a connection to the web. The media functions are nothing super but the point is that this is a fun game-playing console.

The beast of the lot that we compare is Sony's long awaited Playstation 3. This machine has two problems. One; it is expensive. Two; it is huge. While my unit has a very good looking travel bag, it would be easier to carry two laptops. The PS3 is a Blu-Ray machine, a network monster, and media central. The options list for the PS3 is very impressive and it can do everything is says and much more. The graphics are simply phenomenal, as is the resolution from HDMI. Game selection beats any other console, period. The PS3 can load up PS1 and PS2 games and will wirelessly work with the PSP (playstation portable).

So if you have the money to spend, then give it to the man behind the counter with the PS3.

James said:

looks like we have some sony fanboys

PT-104 said:

Helpful and informative.

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