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In this comparison we review three major brands of green household cleaners: Seventh Generation, EcoDiscoveries and Green Works. Find out which eco-friendly cleaning product comes out on top!

The Editor Pick Editor's Pick


- Currently Nine Products
- Enzyme and plant based cleaner
- Affordably priced
- Discloses all ingredients
- 100% natural
- 100% biodegradable
- Fragrance-free
- Slowly becoming more available

Avg. Price: $6.50 for 32 oz bottle

Learn More: EcoDiscoveries Website

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation

- Huge selection
- Enzyme and plant based cleaners
- Discloses all ingredients
- Easy to find in most areas
- 100% natural
- 100% biodegradable

Avg. Price: $7.95 for 32 oz bottle

Learn More: See Seventh Generation Products

Green Works Green Cleaners

Green Works Green Cleaners

- Made by Clorox
- Good selection
- Easy to find in most stores
- 99% natural *see explanation

Avg. Price: Price: $6.00 for 32 oz bottle

Learn More: The Green Works Website

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What research says

A word about our tests: We tested these green cleaning products in a normal household environment. In other words, our quest was to find out if they removed stains, dirt, grease and other substances, how they smelled, whether they caused any allergies to our family, etcetera. We did NOT use any scientific means to count bacteria, germs and mold before and after use. For scientific test results it is best to visit the brand's website and verify that the tests were done by an independent third-party lab.

We found that both EcoDiscoveries and Seventh Generation were superior products to Greenworks in cleaning power, smell and potential environmental impact. The difference between these two cleaners mostly comes down to price, selection and availability. Currently, Seventh Generation products are very easy to obtain at most whole food and health stores, while I was unable to find EcoDiscoveries' products within a 15 mile radius using their website's store locator. Luckily, both products are readily available online and can also be purchased for less in bulk quantities. We found, on average, Eco Discoveries is about $1 to $2 less expensive than Seventh Generation when comparing regular 32 ounce spray bottles in single unit purchases. However, Seventh Generation does provide a greater selection of products - although most use pretty much the same ingredients in slightly different ratios.

Green Works' products did a good job of cleaning, but didn't smell as 'natural' as Eco Discoveries and Seventh Generation. On their website, this Clorox brand states that the product is 99% natural. The problem with this statement is that the word 'natural' is undefined and unregulated, thus used often by large companies to make claims that could be perceived as misleading. For instance, lead and arsenic (neither of which are found in Greenworks' products, by the way) are both 'natural'. Furthermore, water is natural and it would be interesting to find out how much of that 99% was just water. If they are indeed counting the H20 content of their products, most of the toxic cleaners on the market could claim a high percentage of 'natural' ingredients. Some of the synthetic ingredients that make up the 1% are simply used for coloring. The website states that they are working hard to become 100% natural - so why wouldn't they just remove the coloring, which really doesn't add anything valuable to the cleaner, and make that leap?

The bottom line here is that you have three great, readily available, affordable choices for green cleaning products that you didn't really have five years ago. We chose to give Eco Discoveries the Editor's Choice award because they were just as effective, healthy and environmentally friendly as Seventh Generation's green cleaners, but slightly less expensive.

If you don't have access to either Seventh Generation or Eco Discoveries' products, we would suggest informing your local grocery store of your interest in these two brands. If they are still unable or unwilling to stock these brands, you should still be able to purchase Green Works' products at most grocery stores in the United States. Even though the brand is owned by Clorox, it is still a huge leap in progress over many other harsh, toxic cleaners. And, while I still do not trust big brands who jump on the green bandwagon, Clorox seems to be authentically trying harder than some, having also purchased the Burt's Bees brand of natural personal care products. This doesn't change the fact that they also market the brands Armor All, Pine Sol, Liquid Plumr, Bluebell Floor Cleaner, Tilex, 409 and many other products that use synthetic chemicals to do the job that more eco-friendly, healthy and natural substances could do.

And if, like some people in rural areas, you are unable to obtain any of these products, a simple mixture of vinegar and water will clean most surfaces and kill most germs. After all, this was the 'original' green household cleaner.

Honorable mentions include: Beagley's Best, Simple Green, Bayes and Shaklee

tmb said:

i think that enviormental freidnly is the best way to go

Sharif Elgouroni said:

I really like to have one of these for my self. i live in monroe, louisiana by some apartments by the west monroe bridge. My dad really hates these regualr cleaning prducts so these green cleaning prducts will be perfect for us.

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