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In this comparison we review the new generation of water ionizers from the four leading water filter and ionization brands. Compare and save on your top-of-the-line water ionizer.

Tyent MMP-5050 Water Ionizer

Tyent MMP-5050 Water Ionizer

Note: Available in red, blue or silver
Filter Material: Activated carbon fiber
Filter Life: Average of six months
Filter Replacements Cost: $85
Electrolyte Cell Material: Platinum and titanium
Warranty: Five Year Limited
Features: See right side comparison / review

Avg. Price: $1,995

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Jupiter Orion and Aquarius

Jupiter Orion and Aquarius

Note: No difference between Orion and Aquarius except outer casing
Filter Material: Biostone (layers of tourmaline and coral calcium)
Filter Life: Average of seven months
Filter Replacements Cost: $70
Electrolyte Cell Material: Platinum and titanium
Warranty: Three Years
Features: See right side compare / review

Avg. Price: $1,795

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Life Ionizer 7,000

Life Ionizer 7,000

Note: Has a great pre-filter for large particles
Filter Material: Active Carbon (multi-stage with other matierials)
Filter Life: Average of eight to twelve months
Filter Replacements Cost: $70
Electrolyte Cell Material: Platinum and titanium
Warranty: Five Years
Features: See water ionizer reviews on right side

Avg. Price: $2,000

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KYK Genesis
The Editor Pick Editor's Pick

KYK Genesis

Note: 60 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
Filter Material: Active Carbon (multi-stage with other matierials)
Filter Life: Average of six to nine months
Filter Replacements Cost: $65
Electrolyte Cell Material: Platinum and titanium
Warranty: Five Years
Features: See water ionizer reviews on right side

Avg. Price: $1,695

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What research says

Whatever happened to the good-ol-days when a water filter consisted of a small charcoal filter, an input and an output? Better yet, what about the good ol days when water from the tap was safe to drink? Like most technology, water filtration has come a very long way since those days, and progress is a good thing. Luckily, some of these companies have managed to provide exponentially better products with only slight price raises.
Here are the leaders in the water ionization industry and their top-of-the-line ionizers / filters.

The Life Ionizer 7000 is an eight-stage model with four stages for alkaline water and four stages for acidic water. There is only one purifying mode. It has an auto-cleaning function, typical platinum coated titanium electrode plates and a two-sage filter cartridge. Other notable features include the LCD text display and different filter materials than the models below: Nonwoven, pp filter, GAC, silver-added active carbon, calcium sulfite, block carbon, U/F membrane filter (Optional). Make no mistake, this is a top-of-the-line water ionizer, but it leaves a little to be desired compared to the others, yet is still the second most expensive unit with the most expensive filter replacements. One item that stands out is the exceptional pre-filter in the Life Ionizer 7000, which could be the reason their filters last a bit longer than other brands of water ionizers. Also, I think it's a slick design.

The KYK Genesis is the editors choice because it is on-par or beyond the other water ionizers in terms of features, yet the cost of the unit and replacement filters are still the lowest. The old adage "you get what you pay for" doesn't apply in this comparison, as the cheapest unit seems to be the best as well. This was also the case in our previous water ionizer comparison, which compared less expensive, less feature-packed models from several brands. Aside from the price, the reason we chose the KYK Genesis as the best water ionizer to buy is for the features. Like the others, KYK Genesis has dual filtration Units, but it is the only one that adjusts the ionization to the mineral content of the water. It also comes with extra-thick mesh platinum coated titanium electrode plates for stronger ionization, touch screen controls (including flow rate), an auto-diagnostic system that tells you when it needs water, filter changes, etc... speaking of filter changes, this model is also the only ionizer that has microchips built into the filters to monitor filter contamination levels. Yet, surprisingly, they've managed to keep the cost of these filters lower than the others.

The Jupiter Orion and Aquarius models are the same water ionizer inside, but with different shells. The Jupiter Aquarius is a dark red and silver ionizer while the Jupiter Orion has a stainless steel look. Like the KYK Genesis, this machine also used mesh-covered plates, although not as thick. The mesh increases the surface area of the plates to improve ionization. What we liked most about this system, however, was the "double-action reverse cleaning system" known as DARC. Combined with the 9-stage filter, it is supposed to completely remove any scale-buildup on the titanium plates, which should increase the life-span of the system and provide for cleaner water. But when it comes to systems of this caliber, how much cleaner can the water possibly get?

The Tyent MMP-5050 is a fantastic system, and is #2 on our list of best buys. The entire control system comes with built-in CPU chips that monitor and adjusts conditions to provide proper quality and quantity of water. The system also tells you when to replace the filters. Instead of using titanium mesh like the KYK Genesis and the Jupiter machines, the 5050 uses titanium with small holes in it. Is there a difference in terms of performance and machine life extension between these two methods? Good question. We don't know. The Tyent 5050 includes all the typical bells and whistles found in a system of this caliber, including voice alerts, automatic cleaning, overflow protection, LCD screen and multi-stage water purification.

When you're dealing with water ionizers at this level, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a good product no matter which of these you go with. In terms of "the best of the best" though, we recommend the KYK Genesis or the Tyent MMP-5050.

Tammy said:

I love my life machine. The others on the market are new to the industry and just seem to be tagging along.


I checked the website for the KYK editors pick. The price is now $1700 with a temporary reduction of $300

KYK Believer said:

The Genesis 7 plate 30000 does not have mesh plates it has slotted plates, the Genesis 5 plate 25000 has the mesh plates. Both systems have a lifetime warranty on the plates.

Mac Ryder said:

This thing is a toy and does not work for me like other water I have drunk. The company is giving me a hard time with a return. It's only been 3 weeks. Feel like I have been ripped off. we'll see

Ion Izer said:

You don't really think ionizing your water does anything useful do you?

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